Gangsta episode 8: Why Bother Dying For This City?

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Alex is given an increasingly important role in the story and I appreciate it since I really enjoy her character. Having said that though, I find it a bit odd that we get to focus more on her and her backstory only now when there are so few episodes left and so many plot points already opened. I hope Gangsta won’t end on an absolute cliffhanger, it has such a great vibe and progression, I don’t think I could cope with an abrupt end without any second season in sight. I want to see this current arc to its end, we had a great backstory and we learn a lot about the universe, don’t start letting us hanging on the story.

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At this point, we are pretty much done with the backstory of Nico and Worick, there is very little left to explain of how they came to this place, so instead the focus as shifted to Alex. It is true that we have no idea how a girl like her would have gone to this wretched city in the first place. She went there and became a prostitute, now that she is off drugs, she seems shocked about not remembering a lot of things, but she doesn’t feel it is that out of character for her to have fallen into prostitution. Just why did she go there and why she became a prostitute is difficult to fathom from the little we know about her. It just make things even more confusing that now her brother has come to town and he is believed to be looking for her. What is her story I wonder, that cute lady with the voice of an angel and the breasts of an Hollywood actress.

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This episode was not just a discovery of Alex, we also learned a lot about the Cristiano family and the 4 houses in general. We already knew they ruled over the city and their balance in power was necessary for the good of all, but know this crazy talk has been explained in a bit more detail. As it turns out, each family takes care of their own side of illegal business that all plays together to allow normal and twilight to kill one another on the daily. Now why would anyone want to live in this town in the first place is something we have yet to find an answer to, other than mercenaries and cheap whores, I have yet to understand what kind of business this city rolls in to attract such a crowd. Why does everyone try to kill each other so badly for this rotten apple? We’ve come this far in the story, now I want to learn the real reason why all this is happening, why all this shit? I hope this is not left as an open hole by the time this show is over!

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