Gangsta episode 9: Massacre at the Bastard

Gangsta sword fight

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This episode went in a completely different direction than what I predicted from the title last episode. This was nothing close to the sibling reunion between Alex and her brother that I was expecting. Instead the focus was on a whole other sibling which created a lot more chaos than I would have expected. Things were going pretty smoothly last episode, the party was going well and the anti-Twilight supporters were all alive and safe for the first minute, but then everyone was suddenly dead in the next hour nonetheless. I understand that people don’t pull that kind of stunt every day, but it always confuses me how a city can have such a high mortality rate and still have so many people actually living in it. Seems like more than 40 Twilights died in this incident and yet I’m sure we’ll still see crowds of them in the future. People just don’t reproduce that quickly and I’m not sure why people would want to move in to this city from the outside either. The demographic sustainability of this city escapes me.

Gangsta kid fighting

One of the greatest shock this episode was learning that Nicolas was in fact not a A/0 fighter after all, he is called a faker since he artificially increase his strength by overdosing on drug to defeat people he would have no chance of defeating otherwise. I feel Nicolas really doesn’t care about his life or a future, he is living a lie of a life and just going day by day hoping to achieve I don’t know what. I am surprised that someone with such a rough childhood and that partake in so much drug abuse managed to make it to being an adult in the first place, but I have a feeling he won’t live long enough to see his 50th birthday with the amount of time he abuses drug use. Him and Worick are the same, they have some kind of a deathwish and have no regard for their own future, they are doing everything they want today with no worries about tomorrow.

Gangsta little brother

Last thing I am curious about is the title of next episode. It is called 9.5 and at this point it could either have some significance in the story, or, since we are at episode 9, it could mean that we will have some form of weird recap next episode. It would be rather off-putting to get a recap in a 12 episode show, so I am left wondering what exactly this title meant. Is 9.5 some kind of code word for what will happen next week? Or will there be some kind of “off the hook” episode to give more backstory on the next episode. I feel there is still so much to explore in Gangsta and we are reaching the end at an alarming pace, I wonder how much of it will be shown and how much will be left for us to imagine.

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