Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri episode 1 [First Impression]: Medieval Fantasy Vs Modern Tanks

GATE army facing off

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 Hey, they stole our name! I guess we’ll let it slide for now, but I will collect royalties if this turns out any good, since the anime clearly use our name to attract more popularity from our endless fanbase. Alright, couldn’t really keep a straight face saying this, so let’s go straight to the point…GATE.

GATE face of a true warrior

For a first episode, the show managed to give a good introduction to the universe and really explain well the main character and how things are in this world. We were able to witness the very beginning of the event which set forward the story and have a nice little fast forward to the beginning of the story. Now while we didn’t have a real taste of the show just yet, we are knowledgeable and ready to jump into the story and appreciate it as it goes. While I really enjoy the concept of the show, of our world meeting a more fantasy-like world and battling it out, I have some concerns about the production of the show itself.

GATE dragonknight

The animation for the one scene of hand to hand combat was rather fluid, things were done properly from a visual sense and I am very satisfied with the quality of the visuals, but where it falls apart a bit is with the audio and more importantly the direction itself. There were a lot of moment in the show that simply fell flat, some scene were a bit too long, others a bit too silent. There was this weird feeling during the show that things were a bit out of place and empty. I always had this constant feeling that something was missing, I was unable to pinpoint to a particular offense that really brought about this feeling, but it was unnerving and the show felt emotionless. I understand that the main character is an Otaku and he’s not the most emotionally expressive character, but the show felt way too flat.

GATE hit on the head

I don’t think GATE is a bad show, on the contrary I want to watch it and see what comes of it, I just think it has severe flaws that could prevent it reaching a wider audience. I would still recommend the show to those who enjoy fantasy and military shows, the concept of tank and dragon fighting one another is definitively one that I believe raise interest, but know that there is some flaws in the way the show is presented which might annoy you or simply go unnoticed. I won’t blog the show, but I’ll definitively watch it and give it a try.

ZeroGhj signing off

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