Gin no Saji episode 1 [First Impression] : Farmville, the Animation

Gin no Saji stupid jokes

This show seriously isn’t for me, it just put together every single thing I find boring in an anime and put them all together. This show is a slice of life about a young boy who is learning to become an agricultural expert on something…to be honest I don’t really care. I don’t like agriculture or farms in general, I’m not a fan of nature, animals or plants, so I have seriously no interest what so ever in this show setting or story.

Gin no Saji catching cows

Look I don’t care if fake animal are mistreated, I don’t even care if real one are mistreated ! So it is not like I’ll give a damn about any kind of issues related to that the show might try to bring up. The main character feels really dumb and boring, I have a hard time understanding what the point of all this is. The show stupid jokes didn’t make me laugh once, the show feels empty and without purpose, I really don’t see how any of this could be going. The main character will slowly start to enjoy his studies and love his field and find his dream and passion? Too bad I don’t care about any and all of this.

Gin no Saji group A

I’m obviously biased, here since this show has nothing that interest me what so ever, but even if I try to forget about my obvious bias the show still doesn’t look that good. The jokes were boring, the characters were all dumb and uninteresting and the animation wasn’t that great either. After the initial “joke” that the guy realized that eggs came from a chicken’s behind I already had enough of the show and yet they made it a boring recurring and important event in the story. I have seriously no idea what the interest of watching this show could be.

Gin no Saji egg

I won’t be watching this show, I won’t be blogging it either. I already had enough with this episode and I feel like things won’t suddenly get super exciting out of nowhere. I don’t recommend this show to anyone, it is boring in every way possible. I know that summer season is traditionally lighter shows, but this show is just way too boring for anyone to actually enjoy it, or at least I hope.

ZeroGhj signing off

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