Gingitsune episode 1 [First Impression]: Abusing Herald Powers

Gingitsune girl and the fox

So this is a show about a little girl who uses a fox to grant wishes…and her wishes and blessing are mostly completely pointless stuff. I don’t know how people can like slice of life that much, but this was just so boring I can’t imagine anyone enjoying this. I guess that for a light weekend show this could do great, the content and message of the show are good, but otherwise there is just little fun to spend 30 minutes watching this thing.

Gingitsune creepy looking creatures

The show is a seinen, or at least claims to be, but its approach is really childish and it was done times and times again. I feel like there is really nothing new, innovative or interesting about it. The little girl might one day ask for some real blessing or might actually do something for the god she worships, but for now this first episode just showed that a missing cat is the worst possible scenario that requires the help of a god. I have a lot of trouble to get into shows that exaggerate the difficulty of daily life and put them to unnecessary large proportion of trouble. There isn’t a single thing that requires the attention of a God that happened yet. I would only ask for the attention of a God to save the life of someone dear to me or myself, abusing an Herald to save kitten and give people fortune looks like such a pointless uses of supernatural power.

Gingitsune what does the fox say

As you might have guessed with this review, this show really isn’t for me, and I have trouble conceiving it be fun for anyone else too. I don’t recommend it to anyone unless you like really childish and boring anime with serious undertone. In which case, enjoy. I won’t be blogging or watching this anime this fall and I really doubt it will ever turn into something more than what it looks like.

ZeroGhj signing off

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