Girlfriend (Kari) episode 1 [First Impression]: Spoiler Alert, It’s bad and not even funny bad

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 I began watching Girlfriend (Kari) with no expectations. From the synopsis, an anime about a mobile game whose objective is to make a girlfriend, I really didn’t think that anything good would come out of an anime adaptation. Even coming in with no expectation was a mistake, the show was absolutely unbearable. The voice actors had all such annoying voice it was impossible for me to finish the episode with the sound up. I had to mute it and only read the subs because of how awful it was. The main character wasn’t so bad, but some of the girls that show up had voices awful enough to be considered weapon for psychological warfare.

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Voice acting aside, Girlfriend is just an awful show, there is nothing happening, the characters are shallow and boring and I just don’t even see where things could begin becoming interesting. We must be getting near the last anime of the season to begin, because this anime is pretty shitty. I’m actually surprised that something like Girlfriend (Kari) was made into an anime. There were so many characters, so little content. Other than the main character there was not a single other student who was relevant to the story in anime way and even the main character was not that relevant considering there is no story to begin with.

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This is the kind of show which I regret even watching long enough to see if it was good or bad. Were it not to give my opinion on it I would have never spent more than 5 minutes watching it. I’m already someone who hates school life and slice of life anime, when they are atrociously bad it just makes me want to jump off a bridge and bring the entire anime production crew for the show down with me. For the love of everything good in this world, don’t watch Girlfriend (Kari), there are over twenty excellent anime this Fall, your time is more important than what ever this anime could possibly bring to you.

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