Girls und Panzer [First Impression] episode 1: Why…

this show is seriously retarded. I don’t even want to care about it, I’m actually ashamed I even watched the first episode. Girls that have an elective in school to fight in Panzer tank. Who had this idea and even better question, why did they decide to even go through with it? I don’t even know where to begin to say how horrible to idea for this show is.

Let’s start with one thing, even if this show didn’t have some random panzer tank in it, it would still suck. The characters are boring at best, I hate school slice of life and this just look like an immense Yuri field. Yet now you have to somehow add the fact that driving panzer tanks is the most girly activity one could think of. I think this show simply wants to make sure that no one can relate to it or enjoy it at all.

Yes it is a different universe with a different culture, but I have real trouble imagining a cultural activity which consist of pretty girl fighting in tanks. Maybe I’m just too much of a traditional, but I don’t want to have a war hero for a wife. I don’t see a girl as someone who is charming and elegant when she rides a reinforced armored tank and shoots its canon. I want my girls to do flower arrangement, not funeral arrangement for the enemy.

Yet, that is not even enough bad idea for this show. For some reason they all live on a ship and the girls are so pathetically stupid that I want to throw them all at sea. I don’t understand why anyone would watch this show for anything else than shit and giggles. Just take a serious look at it for a second and you can tell it is not going anymore.

On a side note, I watched Commie subs and I have no idea why they randomly translated some words in German  The girl don’t say a single German word, they are in japan and they drive British tanks. This is simply stupid.

I won’t be watching this show, nor will I want to recommend anyone to do so. This is a bad choice, do not watch it, I repeat, girls who drive tanks are not sexy.

Zeroghj signing off

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