Glasslip episode 1 [First Impression]: the Realist and the Dreamer

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5 high school friends are in their third year and will graduate soon, going their separate ways. Despite this, our main character, Fukami Touko, still wishes for everyone to stay together afterwards. One day, she meets a new transfer student, Okikura Kakeru (talk about a tongue twister!), who seems to be a realist through and through, and after she introduces him to her group of friends, tensions arise…


Oh man! I love P.A. Works.

I honestly, honestly tried to not bias myself over the idea that this show is by a studio which I completely adore; I have done so in the past, with RDG and Tari Tari, only to find myself disappointed due to them being only so-so. However, with Glasslip, I can see the potential of the show already from the first episode, and it is immense.

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The story, for one, suggests a lot of things just from the way things are going. Third years in high school, with their group of friends, are about to graduate and go their own separate ways. The moment when the people you thought you’d be with your whole life end up going far away is sometimes a difficult time, and with the kind of idealistic thinking Touko has, she is sure to have some problems come across her way. Gladly for her, “David” might be able to teach her a thing or two…

glasslip kakeruThe characters also seem very well-built, and almost remind me of Nagi no Asukara in that they have complexity and substance, and are much more than what we see at face value. I’m pretty sure Glasslip intends to use that complexity as much as it can in order to create even more drama and tension, especially on love-related issues. There seems to be a lot of symbolism involved with the animals and the glass-making as well, which is always a fun extra to keep us intellectually alert when watching slice of life.

The one problem I see with the show so far is the extreme similarity of all other Slice of Life made by P.A. Works recently… Somehow, I feel like they always end up being very similar to one another. For now, this recipe still works because it is very well done, but well-done of the same thing only goes so far… I hope P.A. Works eventually goes out of the Drama/Slice of Life/Romance genre, which they have been exploiting to its maximum.

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In the end, I’ll still wait for the next two episodes before I can be absolutely certain that this won’t flop, but I already have a lot of hopes on this show and I think it can go quite far, very easily with the way it is set up. Another great slice of life is budding from the studios of P.A.Works, and you can definitely Glasslip on my watching list for this season.

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