Glasslip episode 10: “like” is such an abstract word

D’aww, cute, cute, cute! Recently, this show seems to enjoy heart-warming cliffhangers, leaving me with a big flutter of happiness in my heart. This episode was strong, however still a bit slow in terms of development. Many things are left unfinished, and we only have two episodes left to clear them.

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While Sachi feels like a load is off her mind after her confession, Kakeru is on the other hand burdened by his indecisiveness over his feelings for Touko. After wandering and doubting for some time, he finally reaches to a good conclusion, and after seeing Touko and she finally explains her vision, he kisses her in front of the artroom with snow all around them, making Touko’s vision come true.


The episode started off this week on a surprisingly good note, contrasting hugely from the standstill that we had to witness last episode. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of Touko and Hiro over Sachi’s confession: not only did Touko show a huge contrast between this confession and the reaction she showed to Yukinari’s confession a few episodes back (in all honesty, her reply this time almost seemed too happy), but somehow that fact that Sachi likes a girl wasn’t even considered a problem, which is also something we’re not quite used to seeing usually. Japan seems to be pretty open about homosexuality in general, and it was interesting to see it portrayed (purposely or not) in such a carefree way. It was also fun to finally see Sachi shining and smiling happily, as she finally got the load off her mind and did what she had to do; she confessed, they both took it well, and now she can just go back to doing what she wants while cherishing her feelings.

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Meanwhile, we have this other romance going on between Kakeru and Touko, but it seems that it is not going as well as we would wish it to… Or does it? This episode was certainly full of doubt and loneliness, but it seems that there was a good conclusion to it all in the end. The episode focused strongly on what it means to “like” someone, showed by Kakeru’s aimless wandering, trying to figure out his own feelings for Touko and if he really does like her or not. Other techniques such as the repeated “Do you like her?” helped to emphasize this doubt, and really got me worried at some point. You would think that “liking someone” is something that is obvious to know, but really, sometimes it isn’t at all, and I was happy to see this being portrayed in someone who is usually so decisive about his own feelings. Thankfully, this ended in a great conclusion…

glasslip kakeru doubtMeanwhile, we finally got some answers to our questions! What does the snow mean? No, it seems that it doesn’t mean anything particularly special as it seemed like… Or at least, if there is a double meaning, it’s clearly undertoned by the actual meaning of the snow: winter. Somehow this simple answer leaves me a little disappointed, after spending so much time trying to find some clear symbolic meaning behind this scene, but I guess it makes sense… We also got a quick answer (or hypothesis, at the very least) as to what those fragments could be at the end of the episode: they are most likely fragments of the future which only become as such if you believe in them. After receiving such a P.A. Works-themed answer, I honestly don’t doubt it at all, and see it as being clear truth.

glasslip yukinari smileIf there is one disappointing thing I am noticing so far, however, it is the complete lack of follow-up on the dramatic foreshadowing we got in the beginning. There were hints that some serious bullshit would happen; adultery, death, friendships being broken, people leaving… And yet, so far we haven’t got any of that, and I doubt we will get much more than what we witnessed so far in terms of drama. It saddens me to see this P.A. Works show go once more along the cheese route where nothing bad ever happens, especially after giving us high anticipation.

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