Glasslip episode 11: More Snow

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It seems that all the pairings are coming into place in this week’s episode; Touko stays with Kakeru all night in the art room, Hiro and Sachi go on a hiking trip, and Yukinari and Yanagi go running together after Yukinari agrees to go watch her dance. Things are going their proper way… Or are they? Despite the seemingly happy setting, classical music is going berserk in the background, snow is falling everywhere and indecision seems to lie about in what are supposed to be hugely romantic moments. Is everything really okay? Or are we about to witness the breakdown of all relationships?


This week was a great build-up for the finale; now let’s just hope they don’t screw it up.

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The way the show is paced, with all its foreshadowing and build-up, leaves us now only with one episode left to close things up and have us figure everything out. All this mysterious symbolism points out to something big about to occur, and this occurrence will need to be really, really strong; the whole show so far is a promise to eventually be given a lollipop, and now I really want that lollipop.

glasslip kakeru touko sleepOverall, this episode was mostly focused on building up events for the last episode. We see things slowly coming to a close, as pairings form and people get closer… Or do they? Somehow, Sachi seems unsure to get closer to Hiro, like she feels she doesn’t deserve it. Meanwhile, Touko and Kakeru are getting closer as well, but none of them seem really sure that they can be with the other… They are together but it almost feels like they are about to break up. Will they eventually come together to a positive decision, or will Kakeru simply leave and never return? Who knows…

It’s now becoming very, very important at this point to figure out what the snow, and all these fragments mean. It seems like the show is purposely keeping their meaning away from us for all this time so as to leave us completely puzzled by what is about to happen next. The question of the fragments is especially necessary; after all, this has been one of the recurring questions that the show has left mostly unanswered (this episode makes me feel as though Kakeru’s theory from last episode wasn’t entirely true) and showing it off for the whole duration of the anime. I personally have theories of my own, but I realize now that it is useless to try and figure something out at this point; the show itself refuses to tell us what the answer is for now.

Here's one thing we know: Hina is really cute and awesome!

Here’s one thing we know: Hina is really cute and awesome!

So, was this episode good? So far… Nahh… Yes… Maybe? It all depends on the next episode. If next week turns into a flop, it will bring not only this episode, but the whole show down completely with no hopes of ever getting back up. If it is well done, however, it will bring this show up extremely high in quality and hopefully stop all the haters from disliking a show which I see as a potential top P.A. Works-animated feature. My pride lies on this last episode…

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