Glasslip episode 12: What If

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The episode begins in what we soon figure out (because it doesn’t make sense) to be another world in which Touko instead of Kakeru would have transferred for her third year of high school. She meets Kakeru first, who introduces her to everyone and starts hitting on her pretty quickly. In that world, Yuki and Yanagi are much closer than in reality, and it seems that Hiro is already going out with Sachi at this point. Eventually, the real Touko realizes that this is a separate reality in which she is just a stranger to everyone else. We finally go back to realize that she was in fact still in Kakeru’s house listening to his mom’s music.


Alright, so it turns out that I have to make a small correction. There was a mistake on the MAL website as to how many episodes Glasslip would have; there are actually 13 episodes to this series. This changes my perspective of last week’s episode a little bit, and changed immensely my opinion of this week’s episode.

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Episode 12 was by far the most confusing, and yet the most explanatory episode of the series.  We finally managed to get an explanation of what the fragments are, and it is probably the saddest of all. Not only does it not portray anything that could happen in the future, but it turns out that all the happiness that Touko thought she felt was also entirely based upon her lack of existence among the group. It was certainly an unexpected turn of events, and despite all the foreshadowing and clues it sent throughout the whole show there was absolutely no way of figuring that out.

glasslip yuki x yanagiThis separate reality also served to explain a lot better the reasons why this show doesn’t have quick happy endings. In the world of glass, the group dynamic is extremely different. Touko’s absence prevents Yuki and Sachi from digressing, which allows Hiro and Yanagi to get much closer to them, while Kakeru simply becomes a part of the group and becomes completely different because he doesn’t expect “sudden loneliness”. Touko is also better accepted by the group because she has a tendency to be more friendly than Kakeru in general, and if Kakeru hits on her at that point well there is no problem because no one likes Kakeru, and no one likes Touko either. This contrast between the alternate reality and what is actually happening makes me believe what I’ve believed for a long time now, which is that Touko will ultimately not end up with Kakeru. Of course, that’s only something we will know next episode, but so far – unless there is something else which we don’t know about yet – I don’t foresee a happy ending for everyone, especially not for Touko.

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We finally see the show coming to a closure, and last episode should conclude completely how Glasslip will end. Stay tuned for next episode, where we finally have ourselves a conclusion to this awesome series~

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