Glasslip episode 13 [Final]: a sad but happy ending

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And so finally comes the conclusion of it all. People are probably terribly unsatisfied of it, if they haven’t dropped the show already. But my opinion stands strong; Glasslip’s production is done extremely well, and could hardly be done any better. This episode was no exception, and brought a nice conclusion to the whole anime.

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Let’s begin with a quick explanation of what happened. It seems as though things are easy to miss in this show, because this episode made me realize just how much I’d missed overall trying to look for things which weren’t things at all.

glasslip yanagi faceIt seems as though Yukinari and Yanagi had basically solved their issue completely already, in a kind of positive manner. Both grew over the course of the show, and ultimately they both realized that they wouldn’t get together with the person they liked. Now Yanagi hangs out with Yuki as a sister would, and though she will never get any closer to Yuki she has accepted that fact and has decided to enjoy his company as much as she can. In the same sense, Yukinari has gotten over his love for Touko and decided to just let her go, even if she ultimately ended up being single as well. It’s not really a happy ending for the both of them, but it’s not really a sad ending either… Things just didn’t work out, and they can both accept that fact pretty well.

On the other hand, Sachi and Hiro didn’t change anything from the last time we saw them. Sachi loved Hiro just as much as Touko, but knowing that her love for Touko was impossible, she went and decided to be with Hiro, and they live a happy life together… For now, anyways.glasslip group of friends

The real handful this episode was between Touko and Kakeru. What happened there? Everything was pretty splattered with symbolism so it was really hard to tell, but it is at least obvious that Kakeru ended up leaving. Just as we saw from the alternate world where everything was in its right place, we see in their reality that their relationship couldn’t lead to a happy ending because Kakeru was causing too many problems among the group. Touko’s epiphany made her realize that, as well as many other things which I’m not quite sure what they consist in because I probably missed the hints appearing in the previous episodes.

glasslip touko growthThe show fulfilled its job very well as a slice of life. all the characters clearly developed, clearly matured, and there was a strong conclusion to depict all of the growth we noticed in all of the characters.

In the end, Glasslip kept the same style it used all season long for this conclusion: the answers were all available for us to find, but never thrown in our faces in an obvious manner. Because of this fact, I’m sure many people felt like nothing was happening, and it’s a shame that they didn’t try to dig more into the episodes in order to try and find the answer. Glasslip’s story was a puzzle to decipher, and it’d be unfortunate if people didn’t try to solve that puzzle and condemned it as an abomination because of their failure to even try looking for the answer, expecting them to just fall nicely into their hands.

With this, this amazing show has ended! The Overall Review for this anime has already been posted, so read it if you truly wonder why the hell I haven’t given up on this show even once, and why I still think it’s my favourite show of the season.

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  1. Demian says:

    I loved the show and I felt sad at the end. Thanks for the summary.

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