Glasslip episode 2: A ripple named David

You know that comment where I told you guys I wouldn’t be blogging this? Well, fuck it. Glasslip is amazing and deserves all the praise I can give it.

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Touko and Kakeru meet together and discuss the fact that they are able to see and hear the future together. This meeting causes a big wave amongst the other members of the group, notably in Yuki, who decides to confess, and in Sacchan, who becomes extremely possessive of Touko. Meanwhile Hiro, oblivious to what else is happening, decides that he will confess his love to Sacchan.

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I was always hoping that Glasslip would turn out to be a really good show, but I’ll admit that the short length of its series as well as the fact that it came out literally right after Nagi no Asukara (which was amazing) made me believe the possibility that this show would turn sour pretty quickly. Fortunately for us, it seems as though this possibility is not going to happen, because Glasslip’s quality is top notch and full of the love drama that we all love (or at least, that I love).

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This episode quickened the pacing quite a bit, giving us much more information than what we could get last episode. We got to know a bit more about Sacchan, who, just like /a/ predicted, actually turned lesbian I thought it was just trolling bullshit, or at least bi; there is no way that what she feels for Touko is nothing more than friendship. I like her character so far in that she seems like a quiet girl, and yet she is clearly not the timid type when it comes to what matters in her mind. She did her best to protect Touko when she had to, and she seems definitely intelligent enough to be able to do it properly without seeming like an immature brat. Unfortunately for her, I’m pretty sure she’ll still lose…

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And she’s not the only one. Yuki already proclaimed his love, and next week I expect Touko to reject him as he seems to already know (While I do agree that her accepting his confession would cause even more drama though… Tehe :)).  It seems as though Hiro is also close to confessing already, but he will most definitely get rejected also. Then, we’ve got Yanagi who already knows that she would be rejected if she confessed… The more I talk about the pairings in this show, the more depressed I get… At this point, it’s almost as though I wished Touko wouldn’t get in touch more with Kakeru so that the balance of the group stays as is.

glasslip question timeAlthough, I have to admit, the balance of the group was pretty darn unstable even before his arrival. With everyone liking each other as it is, there was bound to be some kind of explosion at some point; what I see here isn’t a group of friends, but rather more of a group of people hanging out together for the sake of being close to the people they like… Only Touko sees this friendship as something that could last forever, but her obliviousness could very well cause the destruction of the group.

We’re only 2 episodes in and we are already clearly hitting some pretty sweet dramatic developments, which is a very good sign for the rest of the series. These 12 episodes of Dramatic Romance will be jam packed with everything that we love, and I feel as though we’re in for one hell of a ride (and a lot of NTR but I don’t mind those). Stay tuned as I blog this every week despite my complete lack of time for it!

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