Glasslip episode 3: Awkward Moments

glasslip touko awkward


Following Yukinari’s confession, Touko feels very awkward towards him because she does not know how to react. After a meeting with Kakeru alone at her house, she goes hiking with her friends and finally rejects Yukinari before the end of the trip.


After confession time, comes dating time! Right? Nope, not in Glasslip. Apparently, this anime enjoys making things extremely awkward instead, as a friend who suddenly got confessed to by another friend would feel. No matter what the answer is, if the girl was completely unaware of the guy’s feelings as Touko was, she is certain to feel awkward for a bit afterwards…

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And yet, in manga and anime this is a part that is usually glossed over as something that “you need to think deeply about in order to give a proper answer!” and then left as is, without actually showing the character’s feelings throughout all of that. In Glasslip, we got to see clearly Touko’s feelings, as someone who doesn’t want to hurt a friend but is somehow forced to do so no matter which decision she takes. Another surprising thing about Touko was her clear decision about her feelings without giving it a second thought: Yukinari is simply a friend, nothing more, nothing less. If anything, the flaw here was probably that we didn’t see enough of Yukinari after his rejection, but we may be able to see this next episode, so I’ll leave it up in the air for now.glasslip sister bath

On a brighter note, it seems like shows from P.A. Works suddenly have a knack for random underwear shots seemingly unrelated to the rest of the story. After the Chisaki experience in Nagi no Asukara, it seems that the studio follows it up right away with an even more random scene here in Glasslip, where I’m sure Yukinari couldn’t complain to see the girl he loves in bra and underwear.

glasslip touko pieceAnd finally, if it wasn’t obvious enough, it seems like we got an even better idea of Fuuka’s feelings towards Kakeru: they may not be love yet, but she certainly feels for him more than she does towards Yukinari! She was almost just as cute as Hiro is with Sacchan when she was being teased. But then again, this is Hiro and Sacchan we’re talking about, and I’m pretty sure nothing can beat Hiro’s foolish honesty. Unlike in Nagi no Asukara, where the pairings where a complete jumble, it seems like this anime here wishes to leave the pairings completely clear, even though they might not end happily: Fuuka is with Kakeru, Yanagi with Yukinari and Sacchan with Hiro. Right now, I have pretty large doubts that things will ever go well between the last two couples (especially the last one), but we never know what might happen – the show still leaves this up in the air, and for all I know could decide that no one ends up with anyone and that everyone separates (that would be the saddest ending ever…)

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