Glasslip episode 4: ALL the Symbolism!

Holy crap. Glasslip is so good it’s scary.

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While Yukinari becomes more honest with Touko and openly admits his feelings without shame, Touko herself realizes that she may have liked Kakeru without realizing it. Soon after, Kakeru helps Yanagi out on a rainy day after she sprained her leg, but Touko sees this and runs away, feeling jealous. Meanwhile, Hiro gets closer to Sacchan and manages to finally go on a date with her.


I knew that this show had certain levels of depth to it since the first episode, as the chickens and Kakeru’s reference to David were pretty blatantly obvious, but this episode was so splattered with symbolism that I honestly couldn’t keep up with it anymore. I’ll try my best to analyze what I can, but I don’t feel like spending a whole post talking about only the symbolism; I have many other things I want to say about this episode.

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To begin with, the book that Sachi was making Hiro read, Wind, Sand and Stars by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is a book featuring heavy themes of Friendship, death, heroism and solidarity among comrades (thanks Wikipedia!). This story seems to be fit for a show about a group of friends suddenly pulling through a ton of ordeals and hoping to stay together in the end! The theme of death, however, scares me a little… From what we heard, it seems like Sachi may be hospitalized for whatever reason she might have – this could indeed mean death, and I get truly afraid when I think of her character in general; not only is she weak, but she is also kind and probably trying to make Hiro happy for as long as she’s there, or at least I’m inclined to think so because she seems to be aware of his feelings towards her… But that’s not the case… Right? Because if it is, I’ll be bawling my eyes out for the next year to come.glasslip sacchan phone

Other symbolism I’ve noted included the sudden downpour which came along the meeting between Yanagi and Kakeru, suggesting some heavy drama which will eventually lead to a good outcome, the attention given to the names of the main characters, the way the chickens were portrayed at specific times and the random image in the sky (which kinda looked like a chicken head, but honestly I had no idea what it was… Anyone have an idea?).

glasslip symbolism Lastly, the most important thing here is probably the movie that Sachi and Hiro went to go see, based on a book: L’Exil et le Royaume (“Exile and the Kingdom“), a book containing 6 different stories which I believe each represent a different character.

Moving out of symbolism and foreshadowing, however, this episode was really eventful in other ways also. I was honestly surprised at the level of maturity shown by the group in general. For example, the way Sacchan and Hiro handle getting closer together, or the way Touko viewed her friendship with Yanagi or Yukinari’s confession; they were all small things which made me realize just how mature the story was meant to be. This is not simply a story about romance and drama, it is also about friendship, the fear of the future, relationships… The list goes on. The show intends to exploit every single one of those themes to its fullest, all the while making a truly heart-warming tale for us to enjoy and cry over.glasslip yukinari touko

Honestly, what I saw in this episode had me flabbergasted. For once, I am starting to see Glasslip as a show of its own without the need to compare it to other P.A. Works shows. I can see that this show will get really dramatic, really quickly, and with the maturity we saw so far it is certain to be something much more complicated than just simple high school bullshit. The show shall prove to be unique, extremely slice-of-lifey and terribly sad… I’ll be looking forward to it.

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