Glasslip episode 5: Love and Strength

Why is next week so far away? *sad face* A weekly dose of Glasslip is definitely not enough…

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After going to Yukinari’s track meet which does not go too well, Yanagi chases down Kakeru in order to have someone to talk to about all her feelings; she tells him that she will confess to Yukinari, and does so by the end of the episode, despite knowing that it will lead nowhere. Meanwhile, Touko gets much closer to Kakeru, and Hiro keeps hanging out with Sachi despite the fact that Sachi doesn’t like him back at all.


That was really adorable! But, once again, I hear a bomb ticking… That bomb’s name is Yanagi, and it’s one hell of a huge bomb.

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I have no way of knowing whether I’m right or not since the show makes foreshadowing an art through really obvious yet really obscure symbolisms, but just from seeing Yanagi’s character, I feel like there’s no way this girl can remain calm by trying to be strong in every aspect of her love life. She may have a strong personality, but there are limits to one’s strength; she remains a human being, but so far all we’ve seen of her was strength and control over bad situations. I foresee her doing something really, really stupid by the end of the season, and that something might just be Kakeru… The symbolism thrown at us also suggests something of the sort; for example, the random allusion to the Jōkyū War right after mentioning Yanagi’s perfectly strong confession to Yukinari… Everything is all extremely suspicious.

glasslip touko and kakeruMeanwhile, Touko and Kakeru are already pretty close; in fact, I didn’t think Kakeru would be so forward with her, but it seems that he doesn’t hate her company at all. He always acts with 100% confidence and stability, seemingly without emotions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t have any emotions either. The fact that he wanted to show her the beautiful area in the forest, and the fact that he felt so comfortable with her, shows another side of him which just demonstrates that, rather than being emotionless all the time, it’s more like he just has a lot of confidence and doesn’t feel the need to express his emotions so openly; it also evokes the idea that he might not feel just platonic feelings for Touko, but rather simply doesn’t feel the need to express it so much.

Finally, it seems that Sacchan does not see Hiro as a possible love option, or at least she doesn’t think that they’re dating… This isn’t really surprising considering that she’s in love with Touko, but still sad none the less because it seems as though she has decided not to tell Hiro about this… Giving the kid so much hope only to destroy it all would really break my heart, because he is so naive and innocent about it; I just hope that Sacchan really is only being nice to him because she knows her time is limited (that’s terrible too, but at least it seems nicer in context…)glasslip sachi smile

This episode was really, really cute overall. The Touko+Kakeru moment made me smile from ear to ear, and even if Yanagi is a ticking bomb I still wish for her the best because her relationship with Inukami so far seems much better than a “just friends” relationship. There may be lots of foreshadowing about the group’s imminent doom, but so far the story remains fairly happy, and this episode only made me wish that the next one was out already…

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