Glasslip episode 6: Being the Loser Sucks

 Yup, yup. I honestly feel bad for Yukinari… But then I don’t, because it was clear as day that Touko didn’t feel anything for him. Oh well.

glasslip yukinari jealous


Completely in love, Touko can’t stop thinking about Kakeru and can’t keep her cool every time she talks with him. Meanwhile, Yukinari observes her behaviour and angrily goes to punch Kakeru out of jealousy, but Kakeru keeps his cool and eventually makes it pretty clear that he is also going after Touko. Yanagi prevents a huge fight from breaking out, and eventually Touko and Kakeru have some time alone where they make it pretty clear that they both have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Hiro stays with Sacchan very often and keeps hoping that it will lead somewhere.


Why is it that every episode seems so cute, and yet so painful at the same time?

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This episode, I was truly happy to see Touko and David get together so quickly. Instead of having the show drag out on love matters and to bring on the drama over who would end up with who, the show makes clear right at the halfway point that Kakeru’s love for Touko is as there as Touko’s love for Kakeru is, making their coming together pretty quick compared to usual slice of life anime. This leaves room for more serious and original drama, and cuts off Yuki’s hopes quickly enough that he has time to get a change of heart and eventually like Yanagi – if that ever happens. Kakeru is far from being indecisive, so it would make a lot of sense that he gets closer to Touko as soon as he realizes that he likes her. As for Touko, well, she’s just way too cute with David to get with anyone else; seeing someone so honest and open-hearted with her feelings get heart-broken would be way too terrible for me to endure.glasslip touko cute

And yet, it seems like we will get to see the most open-hearted character of the show get heart-broken anyway. While Touko happily got together with Kakeru, Hiro was happily hoping to get closer to Sacchan… Except that the girl is going to die. All the foreshadowing points to it; so much so, that I’d actually be disappointed if she was left alive in the end. For Hiro, however, this would mean the end of the world… For such a cute and kind idiot to be hurt in the end will be the saddest thing to see… But the anime foreshadows Sacchi’s troubles so much that I would be really disappointed for it not to end up being as dramatic as is expected.

glasslip punchMeanwhile, Yukinari becomes the saddest character in the whole show for a short period of time; after Yanagi’s stable acceptance of defeat (which I still think will lead to an explosion later on), we get to see Yukinari’s explosive way to let out his emotions; he punches, he bitches, he gets angry, but in the end he remains the loser, no matter what David might say.

I enjoyed seeing Kakeru’s reaction to it all. He seems fully aware that his arrival causes a hell of a lot of drama; but, it seems like he really is tring his best to somehow mediate it all despite how he feels. The idea of him losing willingly against Yukinari in a race is on way for him to do so – if Yukinari won willingly and still went after Touko despite knowing that her feelings aren’t reciprocated, then it would have meant that Kakeru would have never been able to make Yukinari his friend… Which explains why he would have never talked to Touko again after that. It’s a sad, selfish decision to try and take responsibility for everyone, but Kakeru truly sees himself as the reason why everything is going down right now; therefore, he somewhat sees it as his responsibility to help Yukinari move on.

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3 Responses to Glasslip episode 6: Being the Loser Sucks

  1. Wija says:

    I love your analyses for this show, it’s a great read. I have trouble understanding PA Works for some reason; perhaps it’s because I’ve been so used to the fact that shows I watch have everything shown on screen and you’re only left to think about what else they could mean. But in the case of PA Works, there are so many subtle little foreshadowing, and if you get it, then that may or may not be a good thing (since it’s usually romance and you end up liking a pairing over the other, and when that happens and they don’t end up, it’s bad for you lol). The only thing I got was the foreshadowing of Tsumugu and Chisaki ending up together – somehow I noticed somewhere in the middle of the show – and I thought I was probably just thinking too much about it…but I was right.

    • Myst says:

      Thank you! 🙂 It feels nice to get a good comment like that. P.A. Works is my favourite studio exactly because it has so many subtleties in every single character; figuring out what will happen is one of the fun parts of these types of shows.
      I also had trouble in Nagi no Asukara figuring out the pairings, it was only when Chisaki started actually confiding in Tsumugu that I got a bit of a hint; but even then, it wasn’t made clear who would end up with who until at least after the time skip.

      • Wija says:

        No prob! ^_^ P.A. Works also happen to be one of my favourite studios. Though I’ve only been getting into their works recently despite knowing them for awhile now. I got into them because of Angel Beats, so I wasn’t aware about their usual genres and the usual direction of the stories but here I am now as they force me to wrack my brains out and suffer and see for myself which pairing they’ll end with which might batter my heart a lot as a shipper – but I guess I’ve got a long ways to go when it comes to analysing their shows. xD

        Yeah, NagiAsu was troublesome for that but the subtlety was pretty good despite the fact I don’t particularly approve of the pairings. But hey, what can I do? I got what they wanted to portray and the show was great so I have no complaints other than my being a stubborn shipper – though I can live with it. Cheers to P.A. Works for it since I did thoroughly enjoy the series and I’m waiting for more from them.

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