Glasslip episode 7: Happiness… Or not

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Now that Touko and Kakeru are going out, tensions arise even more among the group; Yukinari is still forever alone, Sachi admits that she hates David and causes Hiro to feel betrayed, and Yanagi finally lets out her anger at Kakeru for having destroyed Yukinari’s emotions… Meanwhile, Touko is getting more bad visions of the future, which traumatizes her.


I was starting to be quite anxious over this huge foreshadowing that had no drama to follow it up… But it seems that this episode was the time to let everything slowly start exploding, one event after another.

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It seems as though Yanagi really was a ticking bomb… I was starting to doubt the original foreshadowing I’d seen two episodes ago, but the last scene of this episode confirmed my first expectations, proving even more the realism of this girl’s personality. She was rather nice to Touko, however, and seemed to be concentrating her hate much more towards David; this also makes a lot of sense, considering that Touko is her friend and that she truly cares about her. Touko’s a little bit dense, but she’s not a bad person overall.

glasslip sachi likeMeanwhile at the hospital, it seems that Sachi is also exploding – not that was unexpected. It was obvious that she had feelings for Touko, but she was so quiet, so nice and most of all quiet, that I never expected her to turn around and start hating on David to the point where she would try and ruin the relationship he has with Touko.

It also seems that she was clearly using Hiro as a tool, despite now calling him “boyfriend” and all (I’ll admit that I am curious as to why they use the word in English in the show… It almost seems as though they’re ridiculing the term). For the innocent and naive Hiro to be told that he was being used to do bad deeds made me cry a little on the inside, because I could see clearly that his heart was truly betrayed by Sacchan’s words. With the way he left though, maybe Sacchan will realise that taking advantage of such a nice guy is unacceptable, despite being overtaken by her feelings of jealousy. He definitely reached out to her anyway, considering the tears she was shedding after the incident…

glasslip hina cool

imouto time!

Meanwhile, Touko’s sister Hina is finally becoming a little bit more important, by trying to cheer up Yukinari in the only way that she possibly can. What her intentions are, however, I have no idea. She is either trying to put Yukinari back on track out of the goodness of her heart – which could work, although we really don’t know much about her personality so far – or she’s trying to get together with Yukinari herself by getting closer to him… Which would please all the imouto/loli fans out there watching P.A. Works shows and thinking that Hina is best girl, but also sounds frankly unrealistic considering that this is a P.A. Works show.

glasslip kakeru multipleFinally, it seems that the show has provided us with an insight of Kakeru’s head through visual clones of himself, which is absolutely great considering that he doesn’t necessarily talk a lot and seems to be alone most of the time. This allows for the viewers to understand Kakeru’s character much better, without making his character become inconsistent through making him talk too much. It’s a pretty ingenious technique which I haven’t seen used much in anime; and yet, this show seems to be flowering with rarely used ingenious techniques, such as extreme foreshadowing and lots of symbolism. Nishimura Junji, the director of this show, is really good at what he does, and we can see this more and more as the episodes go along.

Here, more imouto time

Here, more imouto time

In the end, this episode was awesome. I thought that maybe things would start dragging because the drama wasn’t up to par with what the foreshadowing entailed, but it seems that this episode was the time that the whole group would start scattering and finally letting out their emotions towards one another. With this episode, I am now even more certain that I’m going to cry so much by the end of this show… and I’ll love it.

P.S.: this turned out to be a lot longer than I expected… Woups.

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3 Responses to Glasslip episode 7: Happiness… Or not

  1. Wija says:

    I’m more concerned that perhaps those aren’t really the future but a feeling deep down inside of them that Touko sees? Though I can’t be too sure but that’s how I feel with this one and the other episode where Touko sees herself along the railroad tracks. (Which was why Kakeru was questioning if it was indeed the future she sees) It could be depending on how deep it is in their hearts, it doesn’t have to be really strong but that could also affect it considering how strong those feelings were from Yanagi that scared her.

  2. Myst says:

    I think they might be “possible” fragments of the future, but that there is also a huge symbolic aspect that Kakeru may not have considered before. Since some fragments viewed by Touko actually happened, I think that what she sees might be a lot less direct than what we thought they could be at first; and by that, I mean that they COULD happen, but may not. It would fit in with the P.A. Works ideology that the future is always up to you no matter what, but at the same time would keep feeding the huge foreshadowing that has been all over the place since the beginning.
    It does seem, however, that the fragments displayed are heavily controlled by the user’s thoughts at the time that they see the vision… So the vision that Touko sees of Yanagi would show that for the first time she actually has doubts for the first time that Yanagi could do something like this to her, which allows her to see the future fragment.

    • Wija says:

      I see so more like a deep feeling from the future, and depending on what Touko chooses to do in the present, that’s what she’ll see.

      I feel Yanagi’s comment in that fragment may have been a notion to a different pairing, and since it’s P.A. Works, this wouldn’t really surprise me lol

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