Glasslip episode 8: Suddenly, Snow

That… Scared the hell out of me. Oh my God.

glasslip snow


Following her scary vision, Touko suddenly begins to see bad visions everywhere: glass explodes, snow falls in the summer, and these visions scare her so much that she is now afraid to get closer to David for fear of seeing something bad again. Meanwhile, Yanagi and Hiro are showing many signs that something is off about them, Yukinari is gone to a track camp for some time and Sachi feels remorse for what she has done to Hiro.


It was to be expected that the scene at the beach from last episode would be the catalyst to begin the dramatic part of the anime, but I’ll admit that after the super happy beginning I was starting to doubt the fact that the dramatic branch would actually ever happen; or maybe it was going to be like Nagi no Asukara and cheesed out to the maximum. As we saw in this episode, however, it wasn’t like that at all.

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The contrast between the first 7 episodes of the anime and this single episode is immense. From subtle foreshadowing here and there while everything else was sunny and beautiful, we suddenly went to an episode where nothing is fun, glass is exploding and snow is falling in the Summer. The almost complete lack of soundtrack emphasized the dramatic view of the episode, and suddenly I wasn’t smiling happily while watching this anymore; rather, I was really scared.

glasslip touko bedThe symbolism also helped a lot to push forward this idea. Upon seeing snow everywhere all of a sudden with no real explanation, I asked my best friend Google to help me find some ideas as to what it could mean… It turns out that, very often, snow means death. Now, I don’t mean to say that Touko or Kakeru are going to die anytime soon, but considering the symbolic meaning of crows we had last episode, it is pretty darn clear that something is about to die; or at least, that Touko is afraid that something will die. It seems as though whatever that is is heavily related to her relationship with Kakeru… Will her relationship cause the death of someone? Does the symbolism simply mean the death of their relationship? The death of Touko’s friendships? Will Kakeru die?! Oh my, I hope not…

glasslip yanagi nakedAnother very interesting part of the episode was the symbolic “naked walk” of Yanagi. It seems as though that girl is trying to convince herself that she is perfectly fine without Yukinari; that now that he’s absent she can do whatever she wants and walk around the house naked, and that she doesn’t miss him at all. Of course, we all know that the statement isn’t true at all, but it was interesting to see this side of her, because it showed exactly what we were given through symbolism last episode; that Yanagi didn’t take the whole rejection thing as well as we thought she did at first.

Many things are still left unsaid, and from the heavy symbolism in the show it almost seems as though many things will remain unsaid forever and left in symbolic cues; however, the foreshadowing points to some big event that’s about to happen, and we can only wait anxiously as it all builds up. The drama has clearly started, and I do believe we won’t be coming out of it until the very last episode… If we come out of it at all. Forget the cheesiness and the cute love for now, because Glasslip is taking us in for a ride, and we have no choice but to go through it in order to get the rest of the story.

glasslip broken glass

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3 Responses to Glasslip episode 8: Suddenly, Snow

  1. Wija says:

    I’m a bit confused if the fact the snow, the kiss fragment from before, and the dark kiss from that fragment(?) she kept seeing of Kakeru, and the fact she kept talking about Yukinari before it happened is connected to each other as well?

    Since Yukinari’s name is spelled as “become snow” instead of the usual “become happy” in Kanji…so I keep wondering throughout this episode if perhaps the fact she kept talking about Yuki was a foreshadowing of what was to happen after in the episode – which was why snow started falling. And since the fragment was so dark and symbolic, that something might happen to Yuki, and or her relationship with both Kakeru and Yuki? I hope I’m just over thinking this…it’s not that I love Yukinari, actually I think he’s okay but the title was bothering me since the beginning of the episode and I’m not sure whether to just leave it or not lol

    • Myst says:

      That… makes a lot of sense. Oh man, I totally missed that! I was aware that Yukinari’s name involved snow, but the fact that they purposely changed the way they write his name is a big enough change that when paired with this scene definitely means that Yukinari is related to everything that we saw just happened.

      …The way I see it, it’s almost as though Touko’s thoughts are being overtaken by Yukinari, and all of a sudden that’s all she sees, thinks and hears about, overcoming even her feelings for Kakeru (which works with the conversation earlier + the falling snowflakes on Kakeru’s shirt). Therefore Kakeru’s kiss would be like the representation of Touko’s feelings suddenly stagnating and becoming dark… Or something? She could be falling in love with Yukinari, but maybe she just feels guilty for what she has done and the guilt is diminishing her feelings for Kakeru… Or something…

      Or maybe the snow is just a symbolism to say that Yukinari will cause trouble in the future, but honestly it would be so against his character that I highly doubt that would happen.

      Thanks a lot for your comment, it helped to clear a lot of things that I was confused about! I honestly don’t think we can truly understand this scene until we see the rest of the series, but it would also be such a waste to let it go without really thinking about it…

      • Wija says:

        I doubt Yukinari would go so far, honestly. He seems like a cool guy. Though he does drastic things when Touko’s involve, I don’t believe he’s the kind to make trouble especially after he got rejected by her though. It really seems he’s trying his best on running again too after all.

        Still there’s a chance he could be involved later, and there’s no telling how. We’ll just have to wait and see, I supposed. All the foreshadowing would surely help later as well.

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