Glasslip episode 9: Clear Skies

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While Yukinari is still at the training camp, Touko ponders on the vision that she saw in the arts room, and David suddenly stops hearing future fragments altogether, persuaded that he won’t hear any more. Yanagi contacts Yukinari on a daily basis, causing him to realize that he does feel relaxed when he talks to her. Meanwhile, Sachi invites Hiro and Touko to an arts gallery and confesses to both of them under the moon, ending the pretty slow episode on a surprisingly good note.


You thought we were done with all the symbolism? Nope, impossible. I thought I could follow it all, but this episode confused me enough times that I doubt any of what I’ll say right now is any true.

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This episode was certainly slow, but definitely not empty. Putting everything on a standstill again, we were able to see some more foreshadowing of later events, and still managed to get one really important event; that last scene made Sacchan completely worthy of stealing the spotlight for this episode.

glasslip hiro toukoWe finally got a good view on the girl’s feelings towards Hiro, and it seems that they are a lot more positive than I expected them to be. To put him on the same level as Touko, which Sachi has loved for way longer, gives me hopes that Hiro isn’t completely being used or pitied, but also loved at least a bit. Sachi’s way of confessing was truly romantic, grand and really, really cute. I’m glad that we got this little piece of happiness at the end of  long string of lingering drama.

Apart from this confession, it almost felt as though this episode put everything on a standstill, as if waiting until some other big event would happen… Yukinari’s temporary retreat probably stalled everything at the moment. Unfortunately for me, it seems that this show is trying to pull a True Tears on me by ditching the obvious main pairing in order to put Yukinari and Touko together… I would hate to see that happen, and it seems pretty incredulous, but at the same time, I can’t help but think that Hina knows something that everyone else doesn’t, which is that Touko may be in love without really knowing about it. Hence why her sister suddenly went to go see Yanagi and asked her about Touko being in love with a pretty serious face on… But I’m just imagining things… Right? I mean, it’s not like Yanagi’s “you make a cute couple” accompanied by crows was talking about Yukinari and Touko… Right?

In any case, their relationship clearly isn't going as well anymore... Look at that glass wall separating them... *sigh*

In any case, their relationship clearly isn’t going as well anymore… Look at that glass wall separating them… *sigh*

At any rate, it seems that Kakeru is clearly troubled by something, considering that he suddenly can’t hear any fragments anymore. Why that is remains a complete mystery in my mind, despite my serious attempts to try and understand. Is it because the fragments about Touko don’t concern him? Is it just because he is too troubled? Or because there is no way for him to expect what is about to happen? Because we’re still at a lost as to what those fragments mean, we cannot know exactly what is going on in Kakeru’s head, but if those future fragments are indeed only possible to see or hear when the person has a sense of awareness of the future, then it makes sense that he wouldn’t be able to see Touko’s thoughts at all. This statement however remains a complete hypothesis, and until we know more about the fragments I feel that there isn’t really any way to truly know what this sudden ability loss means. glasslip kakeru tilt

Next episode is basically a mystery at the moment… Touko just got confessed to for the third time and Sachi is solving her problems one by one before getting her test results, which could suggest a big downfall once she does get her results… But we don’t know that yet. I do believe that next week Yukinari will be coming back, and hopefully his return will help us understand this week’s and last week’s episode more… Hopefully.

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