God Eater episode 1 [First Impression]: Monsters Attacking Humanities Last Cities…I’ve Seen This Somewhere Before

God Eater monsters attacking

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Welcome to humanity’s last stand against monsters beyond your imagination. In its last-ditch effort to survive, the last humans on earth have fortified themselves in a huge cities in hopes of surviving the onslaught of monsters around them. The setting for God Eater is very reminiscent of Attack on Titan and it makes me feel a bit weird about the show. I liked Shingeki no Kyojin, but I don’t enjoy seeing something that looks this similar, I feel wrong and guilty of watching something that is obviously trying to take from the success of a similar anime. Nonetheless God Eater is different enough to consider it as its own story and universe and to be enjoyed as its own entity.

God Eater monster

The first thing that really struck me with God Eater was definitively its fast-forward-type pacing and its unique art style. This might be unique to the first episode of the season, but especially the beginning of the episode was skipping a lot. I was sometimes difficult to keep track of the passage of time between each scenes and it took me a little bit before I got used to the rhythm of the changes. I felt like a was watching a jump-cut montage of past, present and future and it took me a good 2 –  3 minutes into the show before I was able to properly understand everything that I just saw. The pace went back to something more regular later on in the episode, but it was definitively a peculiar way to open up a new anime. The other thing that stood out was the art style which felt really manga like. This is the best way I can describe it, but it really felt like the pages of a manga would have colored themselves in and were brought into motion, it was a weird mix between an anime and a manga and as cool as it is, I am not certain if I liked it or not. It gave a very unique vibe, which I really appreciated, but at the same time it sometimes break the flow of the anime, it feels a bit more static, a bit less detailed than usual. It is not enough to turn me away from the show, but it is an annoyance at the moment, although I could probably grow used to it over time.

God Eater manga look

I will need more than a single episode to have a proper opinion on God Eater and if I like the show or not, right now it has many elements that points towards a really good production, but it also follows some very generic shounen tropes and this could mean that things will get repetitive and unoriginal very quickly. I will keep blogging it meanwhile until I form a more solid opinion on the show, but right now, it does look very promising.

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