God Eater episode 2: Humane Sacrifice

God Eater eric dying

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I’ve made my decision, God Eater is pretty cool in the end. This episode had a lot less flashback and heavy fast-forward than episode 1 and it was much more enjoyable to follow. I’m still not sure if I like or dislike the art style, but I might be stuck in a perpetual limbo when it comes to that one, since I’m not sure if I’ll ever know for certain what are my taste on the matter. What I do know is: the action in God Eater is fantastic. The sense of responsibility and drama is omnipresent and I am able to take seriously the struggle of the individuals. It does not feel like some fake universe where the drama is absolutely artificially created just to give us cool action scenes.

God Eater eating planes

This episode we got a bit of a better look at what the “New-Types” are. They are some kind of new fighter with specific characteristic that allows them to use a new type of God Arc capable of alternating between range and melee. While it might sound cool on paper to have a scythe-gun, it really doesn’t sound like that huge of a deal compared to someone who can wield only one or the other. If anything, I would expect that someone who only has access to one to be much more specialized and efficient with their weapon, obviously a perfect mastery of both would be better, but its not like you even get twice the firepower that way. I would rather have one person with a sword and one with a gun than one person who can do both, the two people together will have a better fire output than a single individual. There must be some more to this new-type thing, otherwise right now they really don’t seem to be powerful enough to warrant all the special treatment they are obtaining. Is there more to their power than being able to wield a double-weapon?

God Eater bitchy girl

The new-type coming in from Russia seems to be quite the presumptuous asshole, I can’t say I’m such a fan of this type of character, she reminds me a lot of Asuka from Evangelion with the way she is introduced and presented. I hope she’s not too much of an annoying tsundere as she was perceived to be, so far I feel there is a pretty good and serious dynamic between the characters and I would hate to see this go to shit because of a super powerful girl who takes everything as a game. We’ll see how bad she is next episode.

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