God Eater episode 3: The Real Power of New-Types

God Eater eating them up

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Last episode I was giving my 2 cents about the lack of advantage of being a New-Type compared to an old one. This episode very quickly brought up some more awesome thing New-Type can do that begin to justify their importance to human survival. Switching between weapon type is pretty boring, summoning forth an Aragami that feeds on the monsters to replenish ammo…that’s something much more useful. The Aragami itself look pretty cool, although not such an efficient way of defeating enemies, its mostly the utility of bringing more ammo to the battlefield that proves incredible. I don’t know how they usually create those ammo, but simply not having to carry around a large quantity is enough to change a lot of tactical mission to your advantage. You end up with unlimited amount of firepower which brings the range weapons above and beyond the melee ones. The advantage of melee weapon is the lack of ammunition, but if you remove that from the equation, range is always better than melee, I don’t know why they would ever go back to melee unless they need to refill their energy.

God Eater evolving

What’s more, we take this at face value and use this energy to refill the weapon, but what if they can have other use for this energy? They didn’t mention the Aragami was simply recreating ammo, they specifically said that it was transforming the energy it collected into ammo, it seems very possible that it can use the energy it obtains in other way too. I’m curious to see if this is going to be a direction the show goes to.

God Eater swarm of stuff

Otherwise something really stood out to me this episode, God Eater is a shounen focusing on action and combat a lot, but I felt that the battle scenes were all pretty slow. There was a lot of pause and silence during the battles, a lot of downtime and character staring mindlessly in front of them. The enemies really didn’t felt that threatening, they were disorganized and nearly took turn to approach the plane instead of swarming it. The animation for the actual combat did not feel particularly fluid either, there was always that half-second too much between every action, the motion always came to an unusual stop between two movement and it gave this very slow and awkward feeling to the episode.

God Eater giant beast

One thing that was done very well was the sense of scale and immensity a God can have. That final scene where the Aragami came down from the sky was extremely intimidating and it did well to remind us that despite how easy that made that battle look, they are not the king of this world anymore. They lost so many planes and people by a bunch of little flying munchers, it is difficult to imagine what kind of destruction the monster at the end would bring upon this world. I must admit I’m still on the fence about this show, It feels off at time in the way it is presented, but it definitively has potential.

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