God Eater episode 4: Project Aegis

God Eater aegis

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It is now official, the best team of God Eater has gotten even stronger with the addition of two new-types and a complete newby. I’m not sure if Kota will accidentally live a very long live or if he will die in the next two mission. As it is, he is crowd favourite to be the next one coming back in a bodybag from a mission. I would not put money on him for accomplishing anything surreal in the next couple episodes, if anything I have a feeling he is more likely to get someone killed than saving anyone.

God Eater the new team

That team sure has some major issue, even if we disregard Kota as a weakling. Every individual other than Kota is a super powerful and competent individual who can hold their own in combat, but they have zero team coordination and very little team spirit here. The original three know what the life is like and what is expected of one another, but now they are met with just as many people who have no interest or knowledge about how to operate on the field. 2 of them have training, 2 of them already know the way the chain of command works in it, 2 of them are new-type, none of them fit all 3 of those categories. This is a situation that is bound to result in death or failure in some ways. We have a “team” in name only, for in the end they act like 6 people who randomly act semi-coherently together. Lenka is always running about with his high moral and his foolish behaviour, Alissa is egocentric and cares only to look good, Soma is cold and unwelcoming of the new crew and finally Kota is simply useless. Yet humanities future rest upon them.

God Eater fighting

The biggest reveal for the episode was definitively Aegis. As it turns out, humanity might not be as fucked as it appears to be, there is one last hope for salvation and survival. A giant dome city that is said to be able to have all of humanity inside it and will protect them from the monsters outside. We had very little information about this project or how they hope it will work, we just know that somehow it represents salvation and they need the core of Aragami to create it. I must admit I’m a bit skeptical of this whole project. They have not explained the technology that will repel the Aragami from attacking, but I can believe they are capable of managing that much, what I’m not convinced is how they will fit all human survivors in that thing. I understand that most of the humans have died already, but we saw a random group of survivor just walk their way to Fenrir, so it seems likely there are still millions of humans alive throughout the globe just wandering the land. How can they produce enough food for everyone in such a restricted dome? How can they have all those people live together in such a tight spice and not just run out of resources? This plan looks way too simple, I know it was no scientist who explained it, but I’m still very curious how much of this utopia is real…and how much of it is simple propaganda.

Hopefully we get even more of the scientist point of view in the future, Lindow is cool and all, but he doesn’t seem to understand the minute, interesting, details of the world surrounding him and I want that information much more than I want to see him fight.

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