God Eater episode 5: Powering up Without Success

God Eater not good

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I must admit, I was half hoping and expecting for Lenka to actually die this episode. The show had such  a realistically pessimistic approach to the encounter, Lenka was powering up but it had no effect on his chances in this battle, despite his beliefs and his determination, it did nothing to turn the fight in his favor. As a matter of fuck, he got so fucked up that I was surprised to see him stand up at the end of that fine, he had been pierced through and his weapon has been completely eaten. Things were going so bad for Lenka, death was about the only thing left that could happen to him. It would have blown my mind to see an anime daring enough to pull off something like that, killing off the main character to prove how harsh the show is, but I guess God Eater won’t go that direction after all. When Lenka fell into the water, it was already clear to me that he would survive. No one in anime has ever died from falling from a cliff into a river, it just doesn’t happen, so despite how deadly injured he is, Lenka will be fine.

God Eater dying

That mutated Vajra was pretty intense, it didn’t give a fuck about the team what so ever. Granted, they were not that great of a team to begin with, but things went so wrong so quickly, it just shows how powerless humanity is in that situation. Those are the New-types, the most badass God Eater available, and they still got rinsed. With the speed at which the Oracles are evolving, humanity is in for some serious trouble, they just cannot adapt quickly enough to counteract the threat in front of them. Usually humanity wins the fight because they are able to adapt themselves and technology to fight the arising threats, but now they are stuck in a situation where this is impossible, humanity has no advantage right now.

God Eater dying off like flies

With only 0.06% of the Aegis project completed, it seems that humanity has more chance of dying out than getting their safe haven. I’m not sure since how long the project got started, but if they need tens of thousands of core and get about 6 every few days…they will need more than 1 generation of human to complete that thing. I understand that with more New-Types they could always start going after more powerful monster, but seeing their current success, I’d say they are not quite ready for that just yet. It is even more alarming when you consider how fast that population counter was ticking down.

God Eater gonna get fucked

The one last thing that caught me by surprise this episode is that in fact, the scientist who discovered Oracle had nothing to do with the current situation. There was so much foreshadowing that were hinted at the scientist screwing things up and letting this plague out into the world, it was surprising to see it got out on its own in the end and they are not to blame for the mess the world is in right now. If anything, their research will have given humanity an edge to fight this threat. Science once again prevails!

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