God Eater episode 6: Slow episode, Bad episode

God Eater somehow he didnt drown

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God Eater should be such a great show, but it is so slow and there is so much “emptiness” in an episode that it just kills my desire to watch more. The story and universe is interesting and so are the character, but the way everything is presented is lackluster . This entire episode was used to explore a little bit more the backstory of Alisa, but it was not enough content and I felt bored.

God Eater santa is eating your parents

So Alisa is fucked up and has huge psychological issues that can be traced back to her childhood because her parents were eaten right in front of her by an Aragami, I feel this must be a rather common occurrence in the world of God Eater. With only about a couple hundred thousands human still alive out of the billions that were on earth previously, it really would be no surprise that most children have seen their parents or loved one die from Aragami. I understand that psychological trauma can occur differently from one individual to the next, but I’m not too sure why her backstory is meant to be more special than someone else. I get the interest in showing the girl’s weak side, but she never really stood out as a badass in the first place. Strength is a matter of body and mind and while she does have the body, her mind definitively isn’t at the right place yet.

God Eater scared little girl

For some reason, despite having their entire bodies punctured and destroyed, the two of them managed to survive that battle, not drown in the river, find back their weapons and get rescued. I’m not sure why, but I feel like calling bullshit on everything happening so perfectly like this, they are God Eaters, but they are not superhumans that are immune to death. They should have really died there and getting away from such a situation with such little consequence is rather upsetting.

God Eater fighting without a chance

I will be dropping God Eater and will only be covering Gangsta from now on, God Eater has simply such bad pacing that it ruins everything the show should be about. The hype was strong on that one, but the game must be so much better than this anime, everything about the content was perfect, the presentation was what killed this show. Make sure you have a director that knows what he is doing if you want to have a successful anime, no matter how great the original material, otherwise everything could be ruined by something as simple as cutting a couple milliseconds between each swing of your protagonist when he fights. I might still watch this, but no guarantee, so long God Eater!

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