Golden Time episode 1 [First Impression]: Overly Attached Girlfriend…the Anime

Golden Time golden

This show looks like such a fun school life romance, it seems something really interesting and fun to watch. The characters are deep, not too generic and there is enough disturbing people to keep things moving forward. It seems that is a lot of things which could happen and a lot of romance development to be made.

Golden Time weird girl

Koko is definitively a perfect representation of the overly attached girlfriend, I really like how she is so persistent and psycho about everything. It seems that the show is pretty much named about her so I figure she’ll take a central part in the story, although from the look of things as of right now the show seems to be told at the second person. The “main character” looks rather shallow and boring right now compared to the girls surrounding him. I mean you can already tell that the story was written by a girl since none of the guys acted like guys at all, the boys were all weak, submissive and shallow. Meanwhile all the girls were rather interesting and had strong personalities. And this is why I cannot watch romance, because they are just made for girl to have their little fantasy the same way ecchi do it for guys.

Golden Time love interest

The show obviously look like a normal, cheesy romance that girls everywhere will enjoy, there should also be a fair amount of drama into this, but as an outsider to the genre and a guy, I really can’t see why anyone would want to watch 24 episodes of this, it just seems like such a regular and generic cheesy romance like there are so many already. I really don’t see the point in seeing this one if you saw any other romance ever before in your life…or if you are a sane-guy.

I won’t be watching or blogging this show, but I’m sure it can be quite ok for all the romance fangirl out there…so enjoy your heart out I guess!

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