Gosick Episode 5: I Totally Knew She Was Evil!!!!

Everyone, let’s play Where’s Waldo! Except now it’s “Where’s the Book hidden in a library with over 50 000 other books?”

Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Books, books, books and more books! Heck, my High School never had that much budget...

Well, that’s basically what Kujo and Victorique decide to do anyways. However, Victorique being herself and the owner of a detective’s pipe it is necessary to have one to have a certain degree of intelligence, it takes her 30 seconds (the time to go up 13 steps) to find the book.

The inside of the book itself is about a tale in a faraway country about a golden fairy whatever, however the most important thing in it is that Victorique finds a letter addressed to Avril Our evil little blond haired transfer student from last episode *stare* that Victorique takes out of the book and keeps.

Kujo leaves the library, meets Weirddudewithweirdhair, who tells him that a thief has come in town, a thief who used to steal in Europe a whole lot, and that now has a second generation IT’S AVRIL! I’M TELLING YOU IT’S HER, IT HAS TO BE HER BECAUSE SHE’S EVIIIIIIIL!!!. Kujo then keeps walking, goes to a place that seems abandoned, and suddenly he gets knocked out!

He wakes up in a bed, Avril by his side, telling him “Are you okay?” *glares* Get Awaaaai! Kujo talks with her a bit, then goes back to the abandoned shack and, with the stupid teacher who now has the book, goes inside for a short visit. He doesn’t stay for long however, because he hears a ghastly voice and runs away to Victorique Talk about manliness!

There, he sees Avril once again, who leaves right away, and Victorique appears to tell Kujo that Avril is the second generation thief I TOTALLY KNEW IT, YAAAAAAY SHE’S EVIL 🙂

Victorique then explains her reasoning, and then Kujo goes into the abandoned storehouse where he finds the real Avril Bradley. Going back to Victorique’s hangout spot, the “Golden Fairy” is still not there, and Avril still is. We then figure out that the letter that was in the book is extremely precious and the stamp on it is worth tons of good money. After a small fight between Kujo and Avril, Victorique comes in and knocks out Avril with a bunch of books, calling Kujo “her servant” Cute little girl in denial will always be cute 🙂.


The last scene involves Victorique and Kujo, and it is so damn cute I can’t even summarize it properly.


Woahh, once again another mystery has been solved! YAAAAAAY!

Once again, nice twist! I knew Avril was the second Kuiaran, however I didn’t think there was a real Avril and that definitely surprised me. She also seems like a really nice girl and Kujo could possibly be interested in her, so I sense some love triangle here, possibly…? I also expected the thief to be Avril’s grandfather rather than Maxim, which was another great twist. Oooohhh, Gosick, how your mysteries are so addictive! Sometimes predictable, yet so twisted and AMAZING! I also love how all the school myths ended up being used in the end.

Now, I’m thinking this mystery isn’t completely over though! I mean, there was still an opening related to the motorcycle murder when we finished last episode, so I’m thinking there is something else we are missing here, another key to the amazing puzzle. At least, I hope so, because for them to link everything together once again would be great :).

*Cuteness Rant Incoming*.

After viewing the last scene of this, it has been decided: Victorique is absolutely adorable!!!!!! I swear the last scene was SO beautiful it was enough for me to fangirl over it like crazy for a while. I can’t even describe it all, it was just so… KYAAAAA Yes, I’m fangirling so much that I use japanese onomatopeas.

I don’t really need to say this, but I’m addicted to this show. Just thought I’d mention it in case someone hadn’t realized by reading this…

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