Grisaia no Kajitsu episode 1 [First Impression]: a “normal” school

grisaia amane cute


Kazami Yuuji has just been transferred into a new town. Without any family or relatives, he is entered into this new school consisting only of 6 students, including him, but he is reassured that the school is definitely normal (because that’s obviously something that needs to be specified…) Over there, he meets his classmates, who coincidentally happen to be all girls, and thus begins his new high school life… But the school doesn’t seem to be as normal as previously stated, because his classmates are definitely hiding some scary secrets…


Oh, look! Another VN-based harem anime. At least, this one has some potential to become a good drama/psychological show, but so far I feel like it will focus too much on the girls’ “awesome” personalities and “cute” behavioural aspects to get anywhere in terms of plot.

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I say “cute” and “awesome” because, really, I don’t see anything different in terms of girls here; the only thing that seems interesting is the part at the end suggesting a dark side to all the girls, but that part is so undermined by the maid outfits and the tsunderes and the big boobs for me to even hope to see enough of it to satisfy me. It’s really unfortunate that a psychological anime such as this turns out to be a harem/ecchi as well, because I hate harem/ecchi, especially generic ones like this one.

grisaia knife menaceOn the other hand, the psychological aspect of it really seems awesome. The main character has a shady background, the girls are truly fucked up like crazy, and the mysterious aspect given to the whole anime really made me wonder about the plot; heck, I’m sure that the plot will be totally awesome, and I have really good vibes from this show. The anime also happens to look like it has a lot of budget (aside from the stupidly annoying VA’s), which usually means that if it’s not great, at least it’s not a filler anime and there’s some promise for a good show.

I’m not 100% sure that this is good, but I’d definitely give this the 3-episode test if I didn’t mind the panty shots so much. I’m not entirely sure about the pacing, but there’s still some potential to be seen from this anime. Anyone not minding should probably give this show a shot, and maybe even play the VN while they’re at it, because it probably doesn’t have all the censoring that this anime will be filled with.


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