Gunslinger Stratos episode 1 [First Impression]: Generic Game made Anime

Gunslinger Stratos fighting

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 Gunslinger Stratos, despite its name, is not a mix between Gunslinger girl and Infinite Stratos. It would have made an interesting (read awful) combination though. Instead Gunslinger Stratos is a science-fiction battle shounen. The most surprising part to me is that a harem doesn’t seem to be in order. We are dealing with a protagonist with immense amount of unrealized potential in a world where futuristic fight occurs everywhere. The anime is adapted from a video game and it shows, because everything in this universe looks like an excuse to explain why crazy character concept should be fighting over one another.

Gunslinger Stratos tough police guy

This show could have been an adaptation of just about any Japanese fighting game and I think it would have felt the exact same way, just replace the sci-fi element with fantasy or anything else the fighting game is based on. To me Gunslinger Stratos didn’t seems like a bad adaptation, I don’t know the original source material, this could be an impressive adaptation of the source content, but at the end of the day it remains that fighting game adaptation are just extremely boring to watch usually. We are essentially just watching an excuse for people to fight, it is a battle shounen without cause or story.

Gunslinger Stratos other main guy

There were some interesting twist that could make you want to watch more, having the main character fighting himself, the way the world has doomed him to be D class because he has no parents. Yet at the end of the day I hate shows that find excuses to have action at their center. I look for world with conflict where the action is a consequence impossible to avoid, not where violence is the only way to solve anything.

Gunslinger Stratos is a pass for me. It is just too generic for me to like it, it feels like a show without soul to me. I wouldn’t really recommend it either, I’m sure there will be much better out there this season.

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