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Haikyuu!! aces high

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Let me preface by saying that Sport anime is not really my cup of team…or sports in general. For me to watch a sport anime or be interested in one, the show would need to be really good. Haikyu might very well be one of those few sport shows which makes that cut for me. The show is a bit on the silly and over-emotional side of things, but I feel like I might be able to watch this every week and enjoy it.

Haikyuu!! volleyball

The show has all the quest for power and need for strength and bettering oneself that is the staple of good shounen and it does so in a competitive team sport, Volleyball. I think the show can have a pretty good run, but there is always 2 things to worry about when it comes to sport shows and one of them is setting a small red flag to me for now. First, Sport shows have a tendencies to end up as never ending, you start a new anime and everything goes well and then suddenly near the end you end up watching a match that last 5 episodes. I don’t watch anime to substitute for the sport channel, when I watch an anime I don’t want to see a complete fake sport match, I just want the highlights and important points. For now, Haikyuu!! doesn’t seem to have that problem, but the first episode of a sport anime is not a good judge of this.

Haikyuu!! fast pike

The second thing to watch out in sport anime are the characters. Because of the element of team sport and the need for multiple individual to work together, get stronger and ultimately transform as a team, it is important that the characters be interesting and unique. For the moment I can say with confidence that the characters are unique, but I must admit that the cry baby nature of the main character and the way he is overly emotional is something that could get on my nerve very quickly. This is the one thing I am a bit worried about.

Haikyuu!! terrified

Emotional character aside, I must say that Haikyuu!! looks like a solid anime. The art direction is well done and the pacing for the first episode was excellent, especially for a sport anime. I will definitively watch this show and I will most likely continue reviewing episodes in the future. Therefore you can come back here next week for my review of the second episode.

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