Haikyuu!! episode 2: Cooperation is Key

Haikyuu!! new team

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I still believe Haikyuu!! to be a great sport show with lot of promise, but it has become clear that it will continue to follow a traditional shounen-sport pace, which means a lot of action, monologue and improving, and not a lot of actual stuff happening. I can already see the long time it could take for the story to progress and while this doesn’t discourage me from watching the show one bit, it does make me doubt in my abilities to blog it regularly and pointing out important and relevant information from the show though.

Haikyuu!! creeper captain

In this episode we already see a lot more of what the show will be about, we could have already guessed by the end of last episode the dynamic between the characters, but it is still fun to see just how “well” those two work together. I’m sure they will form a solid team in no time if things continues like this, after all, the two of them are meant to be together. A perfect setter and an intense striker? if the rest of the team isn’t half bad, they will certainly stand a chance in the next championship that is for sure.

Haikyuu!! knocking out dean

Haikyuu!! isn’t really a show with much mystery, the universe is rather normal and the I suspect the characters won’t have much personal development until a little while, and when they will, I have my doubts that it will be great, unexpected development. In the end, the show is really fun to watch, but I feel like there is really little to discuss about on a weekly basis. I am no sport fan either, so it is the shounen more than the sport genre that brought me to this show, this makes it even more complex and unnatural for me to discuss Haikyuu!!. For those reasons, I will continue to enjoy and watch the show, but the “extended” nature of sport anime prevents me from being any more involved with Haikyuu!! and therefore I won’t be blogging the show from now on.

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