Haiyoru! Nyaruani: Remember My Mr. Lovecraft Episode 1 [First Impression]: …WTF is this?

Myst currently has a virus implanted into her laptop and is forced to use her home computer, which lacks the ability to easily take screencaps of only the video and not the whole page. If you would excuse the lack of them in this post and possibly other posts to come, it is not because I am lazy. I will probably add them on when my computer is fixed, or I might ask another writer to put them up for me. Thank you so much Eva for putting those up! 😀


Alright, my hopes have been crushed. Maybe they should have mentioned beforehand that this series was a FLASH ANIME WITH NO PLOT! I wouldn’t have expected as much…

P.S.: Virgin eyes be cautious, as this review might not be recommended for everyone. Children under 13 years of age should not view this post (Of course I don’t care if you actually do, I’m just saying that you are warned so that way I’ll never get any bitchy comments about how wrong this review is)

Alright, well this lasted 4 minutes but let’s summarize it anyways… We meet the two main characters, Nyaruko (the girl) and Mahiro (the guy). It takes a grand total of 39 seconds after the show has started (including the image finally telling us that this is a flash anime -.-) before we see a censored wet vagina and it takes another 15 seconds for us to realize that Nyaruko wants to see Mahiro’s penis and possibly rape him.

That’s one minute down.

WELL then. At 1:20, Nyaruko is a horny woman who only thinks about sex and we meet another pink-haired woman who is also horny and wants Nyaruko to eat her. 30 more seconds and we learn that Nyaruko is so horny that she put drugs in Mahiro’s food to get him hard in order to rape him (We also meet a dragon-like thing that is probably their pet, he was the test subject for the food and so also became horny). We then meet another character, whom we don’t know who she is but seems like a lesbian who is also horny and is all over the pink-haired girl, so they will probably end up having lesbian sex.

2 minutes down.

It is apparently 70 days before mankind’s extinction. Huh? The Opening starts (Half the show’s already done though, what’s the point?) and takes up a minute and a half of the whole freaking episode. At least the opening seems sensical and maybe this show isn’t totally completely retarded and maybe it has a storyline. Hopefully.

Turns out this opening is actually the ENDING and after you see some random people cosplaying for 30 seconds while people are talking in the background. Basically, Nyaruko is still horny and bought a santa costume to turn Mahiro on, and it failed completely. Next week’s episode title: Nyaruko Creeping: Endless Christmas. Wow, that totally makes me wanna watch next episode -.-.

Impression: WTF IS THIS?!?!?!?! Is this some creepy fanservice for men who enjoy lesbian sex and horny girls? AND WHY IS THIS ONLY 4 MINUTES?!?! Couldn’t we have KNOWN beforehand that this was a flash anime? And this wasn’t just a flash, if you take out the opening and preview this was a grand total of 2 minutes long! And what’s with the censored vagina? That just creeped me out so much. Now apparently it’s the end of mankind? WTF? That was really random and had absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the episode. At least the opening kinda made me believe that this was only a one-episode thing and that it was gonna get better… But seriously, WTF IS THIS?

Conclusion: Too short, non-sensical, no plot, too much fanservice and traumatizing jokes.

…Ok, I’ll admit it. I still laughed.

Episode 2 NOTES: After viewing the second episode of this retarded show, it turns out that the whole thing will be in fact a flash anime with a bunch of 4-minute episodes, and the episode was still as retarded as the first episode. There is absolutely no point in me blogging this for lack of everything, and I do not have time to waste on that.

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