Hamatora episode 1 [First Impression]: Eating police’s crumbs

Hamatora police deal

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Hamatora is a rather interesting mystery/shounen in that its universe also incorporate super human element in it. I must say that I wasn’t expecting much from it considering that most mystery show I watch have mysteries that are way too easy to deduce or the shows have mysteries that are completely unsolvable from the audience point of view. In the case of Hamatora the mystery elements falls into the first case, where the clues are so dead obvious that everything can be uncovered after the first 5 minutes of the show, but what saves the show is that the mystery element are but a distraction to make the story flow. Most of the element of the show seems to rather take into consideration the shounen and fantasy genre and put them forward. I believe the show is heading in a direction where the relationship with human and Minimum holder will become the central issue and the difficulty of that world will be explored.

I believe Hamatora has some really bright and interesting subject ahead of itself, while I would not look at the show as a mystery and rather see it more like a fantasy shounen than anything else, I’d say that it is a pretty decent looking show for this winter season. The only issue I have with the show is that it might be a bit on the childish side of justice and good or bad for me. A lot of shounen have trouble making that small but important step of going beyond good and bad and rather see the world a bit more in shades of grey.

I don’t believe I’ll watch this show, but if this winter season turns a bit light in term of good shounen Hamatora might definitively become something I could watch and enjoy for what it is. If you are into shounen in general, Hamatora could definitively please you with his fantasy and mystery element mixed in, it makes for a nice refresher from traditional more ecchi/harem shounen.

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