Hanayamata episode 1 [First Impression]: I hate Teenage Girl Stories

Hanayamata envious

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Warning, this review of Hanayamata will be extremely biased and more negative than it should be. The show is actually well directed with good art and interesting characters, I just hate the genre and this type of characters with a passion.

Hanayamata bishoujo

It might be because I’m a guy, but I will never ever understand how people can possibly enjoy watching a show about a teenage girl who knows nothing about life and doesn’t have any confidence or introspection skill. Naru in this show is a complete abomination of a girl, she spends her day into other people’s fairy tale while reading their work and never seem to produce anything herself or to look at life in a rational way. The girl is obviously an artist but she is 14 and haven’t even decided what she liked or tried improving her craft yet. It is rather normal for someone who is 14 to not have yet decided what they want to do with their lives, but it is not normal that they don’t at least know what their strength is or what they like. This girl is actually so bad that even when she does enjoy something she refuses to admit it and would rather believe she is not good at it and it will never work. After that she wonder why she is not dazzling like everyone else.

Hanayamata new friend

Meanwhile she is wondering how her friend is able to be so awesome to be good at school, be surrounded by people and be good at all kind of arts. She doesn’t even seem to realize how shallow her friend is and how her popularity and awesomeness won’t last her past high school if she doesn’t develop other, more important, skills than playing guitar for fun and winning contests. In my mind the two of them won’t get anywhere in life at this point and would really need to start working on their personality and psychological strength or they will soon see their shortcoming as human beings.

I just can’t do those shows about young teenage girls anymore, I just feel like every time the girls are the most boring and uninteresting individuals. I would never have been friend with a girl like that when I was that age, I was rather with the creative weirdos, those who were shy but still knew what they liked and try to do it as much as they could. Those are real girls, not the stupid empty puppets we were shown in Hanayamata.

Hanayamata fairy

I won’t be watching or blogging this as you might aspect, the characters just pisses me off so much. I can’t deal with submissive sheep.

ZeroGhj signing off

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