Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 1 [First Impression]: Satan walks the earth


This show, this show is everything I ever wanted to watch. I’m so glad that Winter is over and we can see some more refreshing and awesome show like this one. I didn’t knew what to expect from this show and it turned out thousands of time better than what I expected. It just seems like this show was tailor made for my taste.

super attack

I love comedies and especially satire and this show is a completely new experience and a refreshing idea. I absolutely love the concept of the show and the way it is going. To have an almighty demon lord who went close to control the entire world become a part-timer in a mcdonald is hilarious. His struggle when he joined this world and the way he leads his life is simply amazing. I already want more of this show! From the look of things we can also expect some kind of ecchi and/or romance to come out of this show, this is promising to become the kind of show that makes me the happiest of all. It seems like I’ll have something to look forward to this season and I’m quite happy with it. This show might turn into some kind of slice of life, but it is the kind that I love, a show that doesn’t take itself too seriously and where everything is a joke.

evil landowner

Now into the story itself. This episode it was really fun to have the backstory told to us, how the humans were all about to die before a hero showed up and completely destroyed the devils plan. It was a really gruesome opening and it made me think that maybe the show would be just that, a gruesome fantasy story. oh boy was I so wrong. Turns out that as soon that I realized how he acted now that he was in our dimension, I knew this show would be a blast.

satan mcdonald

I already like the two characters that we know of and it seems that next episode we will have our first ecchi-source…I mean female character. The characters are actually really funny and interesting compared to most shows I’ve seen of this season. It was especially hilarious to see their personality change so much in such little time.

Overall I think this show will be the one show that I will fall in love with this season, I highly doubt that anything else will be good enough to take this one away from my heart. I love myself some comedy from time to time. I will be covering this show throughout the season, so stay tuned next week for episode 2!

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