Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 12: Angel against Demon

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We finally were able to see Hataraku Maou-sama final action packed ending. It was full of destruction but overall it was made really light-hearted and there was no real shounen feel in the fights at all, after all Hataraku Maou-sama seems to completely avoid that shounen feel and like to rather stay in the light and comedy part of things. I must say I’m a bit let down by this show, I had great hope for it, but it has become impossible to feel hyped about anything in the show. Hataraku Maou-sama implements great genre, all mixed together in a good setting and interesting characters, but it seems that it fail at making anything more than “regular”. I just feel like the jokes, the action, the story, the romance, everything seems just alright, there is nothing outstanding, nothing exceptional to make it exciting.

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The jokes are a bit weak, the shounen factor is not really present, the romance is boring and therefore it just seems that it is possible for a show with great character design and backstory to fail so miserably. It is not even that the show is bad, it just falls into that awful category where it is nor good or bad and therefore it is so easily forgotten, anyways, let us continue with the episode itself.

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I was really amused to see that Maou didn’t care one bit about anyone except if they are his subordinate. He wouldn’t have even tried to save anyone else if not for the fact that Chiho was there with them. It was also quite funny that just about every girl looked so ashamed to look at him while he was shirtless. I mean it is not like he was completely naked or anything, he still had some pretty large and long boxers on, but the girls seem so innocent and they call pervert to just about any single thing. I mean Maou isn’t any better, Emilia still had both her blouse and bra on and he said he could see her boobs. I’ve seen more cleavage on the streets than what Emilia was showing off even with her blouse all unbuttoned.

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I guess the main thing about this episode was really the battle, but there is nothing to talk there. An angel against a demon, yet the angel seems a lot more twisted than any demon I’ve ever witnessed. In the end the power of the moon wasn’t any stronger than the power of thousands of people freaking out about the suddenly really huge moon in the sky. Now I know that this is all just fantasy and I really shouldn’t consider such thing; I was really expecting for a tsunami to fall right into the heart of Japan after the moon went in so close. After all the increased gravitational pull would be strong enough to do so and even more. I wouldn’t even be surprised if a lot of people simply fainted from the sudden increase in upward gravitational pull.

I guess I just have an approach too serious even for fantasy genre, I should really stop thinking so much when I watch my anime, but I just can’t help it.

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