Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 3: the Hero is butthurt

Hataru Maou-sama! hero on the hunt

Well, this show is still as good as I hoped it would be. I was a little scared last week that things would end up too much into daily comedy that goes nowhere, but after seeing Satan’s new look I’m not as scared as before. I’m glad to see that the story will indeed progress towards a more entertaining ending and that it didn’t stay in the whole “McDonald best employee” mentality for too long. The thing was funny as hell, but it would have become really dull if it dragged on for too long.

Hataru Maou-sama! Satan

I’m not sure I’m too happy about the romance in the show though. I’m glad to see that Maou isn’t a complete asshole but he’s not a white knight either. He didn’t rape the girl, didn’t had any lovable intention for her either though. That’s a position I hope he will keep in the future too. I don’t want for the Hero or the coworker to actually enter in a relationship with Satan, it would completely ruin things for me. It is fine if the Hero becomes friend with him or something, but I don’t want this show to turn into any kind of love story. Maybe Asiel could end up with the hero, I wouldn’t even mind that, but not Satan and the Hero, that would be too cheesy and cliché for me.

Hataru Maou-sama! love triangle

I’m most interested to see where the story will go from here, it seems that the magical power of everyone are coming back slowly and there is some kind of demon and/or human trying to kill both the Hero and Satan. From the look of things I wouldn’t be surprised if it was actually a human responsible for that attack. After all the humans are now working on transmitting their idea to earth using their earthquake waves, this means that they are up to something. Knowing humans, I wouldn’t be surprised if they wanted to kill their hero, humans are huge jerks like that after all. Now that the Hero is gone the subordinate of the hero would try and gain back power and exiling her as a coward who left the war would be the best way to do so.

Hataru Maou-sama! murderous hero

It is obvious that next episode Satan will already regain his human form, it was already hinted at in the preview, but I hope that he doesn’t lose all his power for too much of a long time ago. After all it would be awesome if he really was able to conquer the earth with his magical power. I really want to cheer up for Satan, especially now that he is looking demonic enough once again. I want to see him conquer the earth and the face of Chiho when he does so mouhahahahah.

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