Hataraku Maou-sama! episode 5: Don’t get Satan mad

Hataraku Maou-sama! satan is pissed

I was not expecting this show to feature any battles when I finished watching the first episode and now we just witnessed the first one of most likely a series. It was kind of impressive to see the little loser that is working at MgRonald turn into a super demon from hell that was able to save everyone in the city, repair every damage done and eliminate the enemies. It seems that Satan doesn’t need much power to become an unstoppable beast capable of destroying the whole world. It is kind of nice to see that all admiration he gets from his general wasn’t from nothing, the guy is indeed the Devil lord that once ruled Enta Isla.

Hataraku Maou-sama! do you even lift

It was kind of hard to believe that Satan actually decided to repair everything instead of just leaving everything as it was and making everyone think that another earthquake occurred. It would have been a much better idea for him to do so since it would have left him enough power to either protect himself or return to his world later on. I guess that Satan really is a good guy like he pretends to be and yet a bad ass at the same time. I just wish he actually plans on taking over the human world and not only keep working at customer service for the rest of his human life. I mean it would really be sad if all that destructive potential was completely wasted to make burgers and fries.

Hataraku Maou-sama! back to work

Now what I’m curious about is what will happen of Lucifer. Obviously he has now returned to Satan’s side and he won’t think to rebel again for a little while. It doesn’t seems like he plans on leaving earth either so this means that most likely he will stay by Satan’s side with Asiel. On the bright side now this might mean that their wealth situation might improve if there is yet someone else in the household to financially contribute to their poor situation.

Hataraku Maou-sama! Lucifer and archbishop

It is kind of sad that the cue-ball appeared in the story this episode and seemed to have died the very same episode. To be honest he was a completely uninteresting character, but I feel like he could have shed some light as to why things turned so badly on Enta Isla. Now will the Hero Emilia return to Enta Isla next episode? I think it is doubtful, from the look of things she is quite interested in Maou and she might very well find some bullshit excuse to stay with him and bother him a bit more. She might be an angel but she is also a girl and she loves those big ripped man like any other girl. Next episode might be very awkward for everyone after what happened this episode.

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