Hellsing Ultimate Episode 10 [Final]: The End

hellsing 10 alucardHere it is! After 7 long years, we have finally come to the conclusion of this OVA series. The conclusion of the series wasn’t as bloody awesome as I expected it to be, but even so it’s worth being in my top 3. It’s bloody, it’s scary, it’s unorthodox, and it’s downright awesome. I shall review the episode objectively as well as I can, and hope to share some of the rest of the viewers’ feelings.

*note* This is an hour long. Fuck summaries, I’ll cut to the impression right away.

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Well, this was a long shot. 1:07:45 for this episode, which I believe is the longest Hellsing Ultimate episode as of yet. It was to be expected, since the producers needed the time to conclude everything without forgetting any bad point. What I didn’t expect, however, was the amount of freakin’ useless minutes which would be wasted on Major’s stupidly long monologues.

This guys' rants are worse than an old man's

This guys’ rants are worse than an old man’s

Whenever it seemed like he was going to say something important, it’d always end up being a 5-minute long talk to himself where he continuously repeated things we didn’t care about. I understand that it’s important for us to see how twisted he is in his mind, but we don’t have to listen to him rant for 20 hours non stop about stuff he already said in his previous 5-minute long monologue. I was actually glad when he died at the end, because all of a sudden it got quiet.

hellsing 10 major deathI always found it a bit weird that Major looked so young when he was also a part of a war 50 years ago, but I guess I got my answer today. I liked the idea that he wasn’t a vampire like everyone else, and he showed even more how twisted his ideals were when he stated that he thought he was still human because of his will. It seems he forgot everything about emotions in his description of humans: something which he definitely didn’t have. Dedicating 50 years of his life to revenge for someone he doesn’t even know personally was also a really twisted thing to do, and even more when he drags along 3 million deaths for that revenge.

hellsing 10 88mmAnyhow, I’m glad he’s dead now, due to Seras’ amazing weapon finding skills. Honestly, I don’t know how she finds such badass weapons, but no matter the lack of realism, I don’t care. She threw a freakin’ missile at someone’s face. Oh, and as if that wasn’t enough, she also had to pull out an 88mm from the floor with her hands. This girl is almost a mobile mecha, at this point. Her fights were so ridiculously badass that I don’t even care anymore why there would always be huge weapons conveniently right where she needed them. I also loved seeing Bernadotte again; it was fun to see that him and Seras can still communicate and to hear Sanji’s voice again, hihi. Now they can both live together for eternity~

Don't they look adorable together?

Don’t they look adorable together?

Taking out Major’s endless self-discussions, I’d say I was pretty satisfied with everything they gave us in this episode. I thought Seras would fight Schrödinger, but in the end for her to go against Hans was pretty badass, since we already knew how freakin’ powerful that guy was. Many, many, many, many people died in this episode, and I almost wished for the Nazis not to die because of how happy they looked everytime they got killed. These guys don’t merit such an awesome death after having their plan become a success, especially not after killing 3 million people for the sake of revenge. Man, how fucking twisted.hellsing 10 hans transform

I was also deeply satisfied of Major’s plan to finally destroy Alucard forever. After Walter’s failure, it was hard to believe that there would be yet another person who would try to destroy Alucard despite him saying how damn immortal he is. Fortunately for him, Major knew what he was doing, and I never would have guessed that Shrödinger would be the one to bring Alucard down so badly. Although they failed in the end, I still admire the plan and the thought process. If there’s one lesson I’ve learnt over these 7 years because of Hellsing Ultimate, it’d be to never trust anyone when they say they can defeat Alucard. NO ONE can defeat Alucard. EVER. I wasn’t even surprised when Integra and Seras said he’d come back. I mean, of course he would. It’s Alucard. Even more, apparently now he’s even more immortal than he was: he’s not even a real being anymore. The fuck, Alucard. Stop being so god damn powerfulhellsing 10 alucard blood

Overall, this episode wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t as awesome as I thought it would be at first. The conclusion at was great since it provided us with a closure on every character we’ve seen so far (apart from the dead ones), and we even got some good background on the Nazi admirals, who were very much in the dark until the very end. I’m glad we can finally put a conclusion to this great series, however I have a feeling I’ll be a little sad not having anything to expect once a year. I guess I’ll wait for Hellsing the Dawn to come out, now! And possibly hope for another Ultimate series based on further manga.

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