Hellsing Ultimate Episode 6: Seras can also be a badass little girl!

Well, this time the episode starts off as we learn that Maxwell, the leader of Iscariot, has a humongous army called “the 9th Crusade”, on its way to attack London in order to “reconquer it” Oh damn. They might be cowards, but their army can kick ass nonetheless, unfortunately We also learn a bit more of Maxwell’s origins he was a bastard, and now he’s an important catholic figure *gasp* what a surprise, and at the same time Alucard is slowly creeping in with his boat, sailing towards London and happier than ever because there is a war going on and he’s sailing towards it What a psycho… We already knew it, but still… O.O

In London, Anderson is currently having fun A LOT of fun murdering vampires, while Integra manages to get escorted by the Catholics to her mansion Nice brainwashing, AHEM I mean nice strategy!. Meanwhile, Zorin Blitz starts shooting missiles on the mansion remember how he wasn’t supposed to attack?, however all the missiles explode in the air. The reason? SERAS IS BADASS. That’s the reason. She also has an upgraded version of Harkonnen It kinda helps, I won’t go into details but let’s just say it looks fucking coolI want one for Christmas D:.

At the Hellsing headquarters, Bernadotte, who is currently in the surveillance room of the Hellsing Mansion, is talking to Seras on the radio, discussing the innocent victims of war and how they were savagely killed although they had done nothing, which he believes is unacceptable Unlike Alucard, he has a heart. Seras replies to this by shooting down Zorin’s blimp, the same blimp that Zorin intends to crash down on the mansion. That plan fails though, because Seras has 2 rocket launchers integrated to her guns, and so she makes the blimp crash early and fall further down Yep, I want that gun.


*sparkly eyes* MIIINES!!! YAAAAAAY!

Zorin and 42 soldiers survive the crash, and they rush off to attack, however they are met by beautiful landmines that make them explode into thousands of tiny pieces *sparkly eyes* YAAAY. Bernadotte continues his strategic attack so far it’s working pretty well as he states that “If the enemy gets to the mansion they are all dead”, however Zorin Blitz sends out what seems to be a behemoth version of himself and starts attacking the mansion with it. Although she seems to be scared shitless Seras figures out it’s an illusion, breaks out of it and manages to break it completely. While this happened however, the other vampires managed to get inside the mansion remember, Bernadotte said 5 minutes ago that if this happened they would all die? Anyways, there then follows a scene where Bernadotte explains his plan to Seras, and then Seras gets touched at an indecent spot and her reaction is to turn around and smile happily I had to mention it even if it’s a really short scene that’s not that important, because her reaction deserves a WTF!!! Then again, this is a show for guys… Anyways. Seras leaves and we then learn that Bernadotte has the intention of sacrificing himself with his men in order to let Seras live NUUUUUUUU. The episode comes to an end as the vampires invade and the mercenaries start dying.


‘TIS ZEE APOCALYPSE!!!!!!!! Basically.

First off, before I go into anything else: NOOOOOOOOOO BERNADOTTE DON’T KILL YOURSELF!!! He and his team were just starting to look badass! I hope next episode something cool happens and they’ll end up not dying…

Alright, now let’s move on That’s how far my sympathy goes for animated characters, especially in a show where EVERYTHING dies horribly and painfully.

Yeah, this episode we basically learned that other people aside from Alucard existed and could actually fight. I actually really liked the episode exactly for that reason. Although Seras is basically the main character of this, we barely see her and her fighting methods. In this episode however, the spotlight was actually shifted, and Bernadotte, Seras and even Integra had their little shining moment. Alucard was shown for one scene, and that was it. Seras and Bernadotte looked absolutely and totally freaking cool, and it seems as though it’s not over because the mansion attack is just starting Trust me on that, it gets better! :3 Although I’m kinda thinking that people who will read this have already seen episode 7… Hm… Whatever. It’s not like I care anyways. I really liked how un-wimpy Seras was this episode, she destroyed the missiles and broke the illusion spell like a pro and she looked awesome.

BLASPHEMY! RAPE! (Okay maybe not... but still *stare*)

The only thing that really bothered me about her was that rape attempt indecent touch. The move isn’t necessarily what pisses me off, but Seras’ reaction in itself -_-‘ Wtf. I loved what happened afterwards though, it looks as though Seras and Bernadotte have something going on Then again, in the whole Hellsing mansion there are 2 girls and one of them looks completely like a guy, so he might just be wanting sex… I wouldn’t be surprised. That part where he tried to kiss her was hilarious.

Talking about hilarious moments, this show has lots. I mean, there’s a war going on, everyone and everything is being completely destroyed, London looks like fucking hell, and yet the producers still include stupid scenes and funny stuff in the show, like for example when Bernadotte tried to kiss Seras. It’s absolutely retarded and quite inappropriate for what’s happening, but funny and I like that.

But anyways, back to the original storyline, so far the only safe people are Integra and Alucard, and everyone else is screwed. I’m looking forward to Walter’s fight, and I can’t wait until next episode to see more awesomeness coming from Seras and Bernadotte!

P.S.: I mentioned it already but I want Seras’ gun. IT’S INSANELY SWEET!!!!

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