Hero Bank episode 1 [First Impression]: [C] for child

Hero Bank friends

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Let me start by saying that this is a kid show, so it is not really the kind of anime that really drives me or interest me in the least bit. I must also say that this show was not even half bad for a kid, but I cannot fathom anyone past 12 could watch this show for more than a single episode before falling asleep. Hero Bank is essentially a kid version of the show [C], people fight with money with heroes and then the winner gets lots and lots of money. It is a very, very simple version of [C]: Control – The Money of Soul and Possibility with no complexity what so ever, as a kid show should be. There is definitively nothing wrong that I could notice for the show concerning its target audience, but it is really difficult to watch this show as an adult and probably even worse so if you are an angst teenager.

Hero Bank fighting and stuff

The show art is rather terrible, but at least the battles are well done if anything, they are about the only thing that doesn’t look completely bland and terrible, the show’s soundtrack is very simple and lame too, there really isn’t much quality put into anything here. Even the character design is rather weak, after all, why did one of the friend look like the monster from Frankenstein to begin with? And isn’t it creepy that an old dude claims he took interested in a young boy after that young boy turned naked on stage? Also there is just something wrong to seeing Naruto character ripoff fight against an Iron Man suit ripoff.

Hero Bank cliché

I’m sure young boy will love this shit, but it is as I just said, shit. I won’t be watching or blogging this show, it was painful to finish even the first episode, but if you are a kid or love kid show, I’m sure you can fall in love with this kid version of [C].

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