High School DxD BorN episode 10: A Second Pervert Appears

High School DxD BorN seduced

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The drama is through the roof in this one, ever since the second season of High School DxD the tension between the characters has just kept on building up and it seems we are not yet ready to see the end of it. Now Rias is gone and not only physically so, her mind has been clouded by her emotions and now she is ready to go with anyone so long as she is given the illusion to be loved and taken care of by Issei. The darkness brought by the curse that Loki put upon her has taken hold and there is no telling what exactly is going on. It is pretty clear that Rias has been mind controlled by some kind of copy of Issei, but I’m not really certain I understand how that copy of Issei came to be in the first place. I get that he was somehow summoned by that red shard left by the Old Hell faction, but I’m not sure what kind of magic this is and what that copy is exactly. Is it the manifestation of Issei’s inner shadow now appearing in a different form? Is it simply a magical spell to create a doppelgänger of Issei or is it someone else disguised as him? We know that Koneko claims that the copy had the very same aura that Issei had, so I suppose a disguise is a bit unlikely, but I’m still curious what kind of trick was used here.

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Loki curses sure don’t mess around anyway, Issei already nearly died from his and while he managed to survive, he still lost a significant portion of his life force doing it. This is such a cliché shounen consequence to occur. It is something that bugs me about shounen, they want the character to suffer some kind of sacrifice, but they are not willing to actually kill anyone, so we end up with a main character that slowly reduce his life with each consecutive attack and the sacrifice is left for the future. Every shounen does it and I am a bit sad that High School DxD had to resort to the same tactic with the current events. I think if he had to sacrifice something a bit more superficial it would have still worked with the surreal and sometime silly world of High School DxD.

High School DxD BorN so much magic the boobs need to get out

For better or worse, now the story is proceeding towards a path where Issei and Vali will meet again. Issei needs Vali’s help badly even though he is the enemy. With the way things are heading I wouldn’t even be surprised if Issei and Vali became positive rival, people who fight together instead of against one another. Yes they both want to be stronger than the other one, but they appear to have some strikingly similar goals at time. Now I expect they will fight once more before teaming up against the Great Red, it would make sense for the story to progress that way. Either that or a boob monster appears and take away Issei to boob land, both possibilities are just as likely to be honest.

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