High School DxD BorN episode 11: Fighting Rias

High School DxD BorN fighting rias

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 Rias and Issei fighting one another? I guess this is a perfect opportunity to see how Issei compares to her master, he claims he wants to become a demon king at some point, so obviously he will have to be stronger to Rias at some point. We see a lot of Issei’s power in the show, not that much of Rias. We just learnt of her Ruin power and how destructive it is, but we never actually saw it in action and what it can do. For all we know, Issei is far and above her in every way possible and he is just too naïve to have realized it himself. He could probably starts his own harem by now, he’s just too kind and oblivious to realize the immense amount of power he now has over all these girls. I can’t really blame him, just a few years ago he was a complete nobody and he wouldn’t even dream of touching a girl and now all these super gorgeous women are all over him. It is quite the change to process all at once, but one day I am sure, he will rise as the red dragon emperor, king of the most gorgeous harem ever.

High School DxD BorN Issei harem

In the end, it was Loki’s plan all along to have those two enormously powerful demon fight one another. He wanted them to use all their power, lose control and destroy this spatial reality that is the dimensional gap. It seems that he believes them creating enough of a ruckus there would be something strong enough to bring forth Ragnarok, the twilight of the Gods. I don’t know if this would indeed be the case, but considering the way High School DxD likes to play out its story, I would have a tendency to think that indeed they would create Ragnarok, the show loves to have the bad guys go through with their plan until the very limit where there would be no saving it. At that point Issei manages to get a power boost and save the day right before it is too late. It’s a formula that worked for ages and it kind of works, but I wish there was a bit more twist in the way the story is told in High School DxD. It was not something I found to be particularly important at first, but considering things are getting increasingly serious, I think more plot twist will be needed. You can substitute a good plot with big breasts, but if you remove the breasts you have to compensate properly. I’m sure the boobs will make a comeback, but it is both exciting and weird to have the show follow such a serious shounen approach. Hopefully things will keep progressing story wise as they previously did, I still have high hopes that this show can turn absolutely awesome, like no ecchi ever before.

High School DxD BorN Rias armor

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