High School DxD BorN episode 12 [Final] : A Rather Tame Finale

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 I can’t say I was a big fan of this last episode of High School DxD, knowing we will have to wait at least a whole year before we get a continuation, there are just way too many plot point still open which make this all the more frustrating. The promise of a fight between Vali and Issei will be left out for a future episode and while the curse of Loki has finally expired and everyone was saved in the end, but I feel this BorN season only opened more plot points without closing any of them properly. It is not like no progress was done at all, but I just feel not enough was achieved in this arc. I feel a big part of the ecchi and the comedy was not as present in order to give greater focus on character development and the evolution of the story, this is why I am more critical than usual of this show’s story.

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The episode itself was rather slow, we had the battle between Issei and Rias at the beginning of the episode, but let’s be honest, the battles are not what shines the brightest in High School DxD. the animation is lacking and we just see a bunch of flash of light. The remainder of the episode was not much better either, it was a rather slow conclusion to the event of the previous few episode. Everyone was reunited together and was able to hug naked in their bed, but that just didn’t felt enough of an ending to me. As much as I hate cliffhangers, I think this ending could have had a bit more of a cliffhanger than this. I wish we had at least a little tease of what would happen in the future, a little bit more conflict with that ending. Everything was too peaceful, it felt off.

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The two things that did happen this episode were pretty interesting though. First, Rias finally managed to complete her set, she now has every piece used with the new addition of a Valkyrie within her family. I’m not certain Rossweisse is my favourite character to join her rank, but she certainly brings something new to the team. Xenovia does have an attitude similar to her, both being desperate for sex and relationship, but Rossweisse might be able to bring some different qualities to Issei’s future harem. This comes as the second big event of the episode, Issei reannouncing his wish to become a harem king once the war is all over. This has been the goal of Issei since the first season and I am very glad it was not forgotten. He is already so close to his goal, already in this episode he had a full litter of horny pussy going after him, I can’t wait for his dream to become true and see all those beautiful ladies lined up in front of him and ready to do what ever it takes to please him. Issei will become a legend amongst men. I need a new season already!

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