High School DxD BorN episode 2: Furry, Rejoice. Ko Neko is here!

High School DxD BorN Koneko cat ear out

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If the second season had a huge focus on Kiba and how he came the man he is today, it seems that this third season of High School DxD will focus around Koneko and her dark past. It really shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone right now that every single member of Rias’s family have a dark and incredible past. Rias is known to like interesting characters and I’m all about it because despite their reveals feeling a bit cheesy sometimes, I like complex character more than empty girls that exists only for their boobs.

High School DxD BorN Koneko

Koneko…Ko-neko… Ko Neko, Neko.(Ko=Child, Neko=Cat)  It all makes sense. I somehow have doubt that the author had intended for this to work from the very beginning of High School DxD, but it is pretty clever nonetheless. It still felt a little bit much to suddenly realize that Koneko was a cat all along, we saw the girl naked or nearly naked a lot, she really did manage wonder to hide a tail and cat ear for this long considering how little attire she comes down to sometimes.

High School DxD BorN kuroneko

If I move beyond how silly it sounds to suddenly have Koneko popup cat ears, I think this is a pretty cool story they have there. Obviously it is cliché and repetitive to have a new evil sister pop up suddenly in the story and bring chaos to Rias and her family, but considering what kind of show High School DxD is, I think it is an awesome way to develop the character of Koneko a bit more. She is definitively one of those member of the family that received a bit less attention and whom feels a bit empty as a character sometimes. Her personality as a quiet and reserved individual doesn’t help to put her personality forward much, so I hope that this new storyline helps a bit to establish her character more and bring her more to the forefront than before, in the same way that season 2 managed to make Kiba more than the one other guy in the family that was not a pervert.

High School DxD BorN Rias Family

With all the new story opening up left and right, I got to wonder how much of it will actually be covered this season of High School DxD. I feel that there are now so many different forces at play that we will get content for the next 10 years. Which is fun in a way, but at the same time I wish for conclusion in some of those arcs. With the world summit about to happen, with now Norse God being added to the list of powerful deity and super cat twins that kill their master…I just hope that enough of this is covered and that we still get some time for boobs in all this. I can’t really complain too much though, High School DxD has a great run so far at balancing boob and story, so I will go in blind and believe for now.

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