High School DxD BorN episode 5: Akeno can be innocent too?

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I must admit I’m a bit surprised that this episode of High School DxD had such an heavy focus on Akeno once again. We already saw her in the spotlight quite a bit last season and with the way the fight was going last episode I was under the impression that she had already come to term with her origin as a fallen angel. As much as I usually want to praise High School DxD, I must admit that the character development of this season have been really weirdly done so far. I probably wouldn’t have minded Akeno’s weird little progression if it weren’t for how completely changed Koneko has become.

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Koneko went from the most cold and tsundere character to a pussycat purring on Issei’s lap and Akeno went from a sadistic sexy demon to an innocent schoolgirl. This is just too much contrast in just 2 episodes, my mind won’t allow for all these changes at once. I’m especially sad about Akeno appearing as this innocent little girl, I find her so attractive and sexy with her usual attitude, I don’t want that to change. Hopefully this innocent school girl attitude was only for this episode and we will go back to the Akeno we know and love for future episodes.

This new personality of hers all came about from her sudden acceptance of her weaknesses. Akeno acted tough and confident to hide the fact she was hating herself. It was her way to forget about her past, she didn’t wanted to be a little girl with a sad childhood anymore, she embraced her new demonic self. It was a method of running away from her past, running away from her pain. It is so much easier to be a vile devil that thinks only of lust and power, than being an ordinary girl with a troublesome past and so many insecurities. I must admit, it doesn’t sound very pleasant to have a childhood where you are branded a monster and your mother is killed for it.

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Aside from Akeno, in term of actual plot, it seems that the chaos squad have tricked Loki into summoning Fenrir just so they could still his teeth. It is not absolutely clear what their objective is, but it seems they plan on killing the Gods. They want to bring about utter chaos and what better way to make it happen than to kill some of the most powerful being in existence. It seems that ambition is not something hard to find in High School DxD, might it be for world domination, or only for breasts.

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