High School DxD BorN episode 6: Boob Dragon Emperor

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We are back to a more traditional episode of High School DxD with this week episode. Much lighter and with a lot more ecchi. We had some development in the story, some more subplot happening, some more character making a come back and a lot more boobies showing up.

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Before we go into the very deep and meaningful content of the episode, I want to voice my concern regarding the addition of more character into the core of the story. This episode Irina was shown to join the school as a transfer student. She is not a new character per se, she was introduced in season 2 after all, but she is now one more character who will enter the cast of character which will be shown recurrently. I have nothing with her character in particular, she is dynamic and fun, but I am always scared when an harem gets an increasingly huge cast of girl to select from, at some point too much is like too little. I feel like the main cast is being distilled by a new plethora of girl to choose from and while that means more choice, it also means less time for characters like Rias and Akeno to shine. I don’t think we’ve past the point where we now have too many girls in High School DxD yet, but it is a fine line to thread and I would hate to start seeing less of Rias.

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Into the event of the episode, I always find hentai logic to be a bit weird, but Issei certainly is just as weird in this episode. He claims that he wants to protect Asia and he is hurt that she is getting proposed to. It makes sense after all, losing her would mean Issei would lose one part of his harem. Issei is later found to hate himself for accidentally touching Asia’s breast, yet he will then go back home and sleep with her in the same bed and naked and that does not seem to be a cause of concern to him. I don’t know the usual ecchi path in Japan, but when I sleep in the same bed than 3 other naked girl, I would consider myself to be an harem king much and sexually active man no matter how much or little I get to touch them afterward.

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When you sleep like Issei, it is no surprise that you would end up with the title of Boob Dragon. I really liked the face of disbelief Issei was wearing when he heard of  the news. I must admit, I wouldn’t have thought that my heroic efforts in fighting the worse bad guy around would have been broadcast either. Especially the part where I sucked on the daughter of the Devil King’s tits. It is one thing to give public fandom to a guy for his sexual deviance, but it becomes something else entirely when you do so while exploiting one of the most powerful heir in the kingdom. I am surprised Rias doesn’t feel more ashamed that she is accidentally portrayed as this sexual object in her own world media though. I guess demonic media really doesn’t care much for its royalty.

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