High School DxD BorN episode 7: Issei Reaping the Rewards

High School DxD BorN surrounded by boobs

What a great episode this was, it is so difficult to think there would be plot twists and a boobfest in the same episode, but it did happen. It seems there are even more twist in the story of this third season of High School DxD, but I’m always way too busy looking at the boobs to suspect it, they are really clever in hiding what comes next by throwing lots of wonderful cleavage at you. My guy brain can’t work if all the blood is rushing to my penis, therefore I always end up surprised whenever a plot twist happens like it did this episode.

High School DxD BorN rebels

I thought that the subplot involving Asia and Diodora was just something to kill time and that the show would tie it up to the incoming rating games, yet it seems all of that was never meant to happen and was only a big setup for Diodora to come out of the woodwork. Turns out we never truly went anywhere far from the chaos brigade and all this charade about the rating game and Diodora falling in love with Asia was just trying to lure us away from the main plot…to throw us back right into it. I don’t pretend to fully understand every single layer of the caste system of the demon world or how its politics works, but from my understanding the rebels who have been starting to show up are not the same as those associated with Vali. Vali Lucifer is involved with the chaos brigade and want to destroy the world while the current faction fighting are rebels of hell that want to bring down the Gremory dynasty and return Satan dynasty into power. I’m not really certain who the heir of Satan is, but I could understand how conservative fanatics could try an uprising to return to the previous order. What I’m not sure about is why Vali bothered to warn Issei and what this faction means to him. It seems pretty obvious that Vali has some big plan and ulterior motives, but I find it very difficult right now to figure out what kind of plan it could possibly be.

High School DxD BorN succubus

The one thing that makes it even more difficult to figure out is the recurring appearance of boobs and showing of gratitude towards Issei. It is very difficult to concentrate on the greater plot when you get to see Rias and Akeno have a show off against one another. Between Rias elegant and noble charm to Akeno’s sadistic sexiness, I found myself in heaven…or hell I suppose. I don’t think talking is what you are looking for here though, so enjoy the gallery below.

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