High School DxD BorN episode 8: Issei is now Booblingual

High School DxD BorN Dress Break

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This episode is sponsored by every generic battle shounen ever made. Ever wondered how you can streamline a fighting sequence to the point that it feels like a scripted event? Just follow the order you saw in this episode. I know that High School DxD is more a satire of battle shounen than anything else, but it remained that the sequence of event for those battle were just too cliché and boring and it bothered me. The boobs were a nice touch, but they were not enough to save this one. It starts with the bad guy stating the rules of the game, after which the protagonist decides to follow said rules and fight against an army of mindless minions. After defeating the enemies we barely had time to notice, we go into another room where some old nemesis appears and tells all about the evil plan of the master, he is quickly defeated and we move to the boss room. At this point our hero destroy the boss in a feat of power and rescue Asia who is constantly the damsel in distress in just about every arc so far. The big bad guy turned out to be a wuss who could have been easily defeated from the get go, yet they insisted on playing his game and following his rules despite them having the advantage all along. I’m pretty sure Issei could have jumped him at the initial room and negated all the fighting they did. Obviously it would not have been as interesting as what happened instead, but it wouldn’t have been this stupidly cheesy either.

High School DxD BorN kicking his ass

As for what eventually happened to Asia, I must admit I am severely confused at the ending of the episode. Asia went and asked to make a prayer where she wish for Issei to be safe and for them to always be together. First I thought Asia couldn’t pray in the first place since she is a demon, but then not only is she able to do her prayer, she even manages to disappear in a great flash of light. Is she now forgiven by Michael and she is no longer a demon? Was she just snatched away by yet again another force? What happened there at the end, I am so confused. I don’t understand if what happened to Asia was something good or terrible, but Issei seemed just as confused as I am.

High School DxD BorN vanishing in a ray of light

On a less serious note, I am in awe at how hilariously awesome Issei has become. His power of lewdness has come to new high, he has mastered powers I would have never though to invent! Issei has now mastered the power of Booblingual! He is able to listen to the boobs of all women and see what lies in their heart. It is so ridiculous that I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 5 minute. It is so absurd yet make so much sense for High School DxD, this is what the show is about and it does so fabulously. Just look at how much gratuitous nudity and boob we got this episode, it is enough to make any man happy and I’m glad all those magnificent boobies are shared with the world. Enjoy and try to understand the thought of the boobs!

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